Jan 31, 2017

Weekending x2: Inauguration, Women's March, Hidden Figures

Linking up with Biana for a double round of Weekending -- this past weekend and the one before.

** Before this post begins, I just want to say that at this time, I am going to try to keep current events and politics off of this blog as much as I can. Just because I'm not writing about what's going on doesn't mean that I don't our current situation seriously.  I don't even recognize our country right now, but I want to keep up with writing this blog. I want something to remain the same. **

This weekend was very uneventful.  On Thursday night, I saw Hidden Figures downtown with a coworker and our former coworker. It was a great movie!  Since I grew up in Ohio, the land of Neil Armstrong and John Glenn (my senator for the first 14 years of my life!), I fancy myself a bit of a Space Race geek, so I love any and all movies/shows/books that teach more something new.  This movie covered a totally new topic to me; the stories of female black mathematicians, known as "computers," who made it possible for our astronauts to go into space! It was touching, inspiring, infuriating (civil rights, both racial and sexist) and funny.  I definitely recommend it.

I worked from home on Friday and then stayed in that night.  Bill went to our friend's house but I was just too tired from a brutal work week.  I took a bubble bath and watched old episodes of Scandal.

On Saturday, we mostly laid around watching tv, but we were a little productive.  I finally unpacked all my books and set up my bookshelf.  In my ever-constant quest for minimalism, I went through my books and came up with about another 30-40 books to donate.  In the past couple of years, I've donated nearly 1,000 books.  It's hard to believe, but it's true! I used to have books in every corner of my small apartment, filling several bookshelves and stacked up in corners.  Now I'm down to just 3 shelves, holding only my favorites and some new ones that I haven't read yet.  I took some time to figure out my JLW schedule for the rest of the year.  The JLW year ends in May and I have a lot of requirements to meet before then.

On Sunday, I forced myself to wake up early to go to "Soul Vibe Yoga Flow" at my yoga studio.  I did not want to get out of bed, but I'm glad I did because it kicked my ass! It's been awhile since I worked out, so I'm guessing that's why it hit me so hard, but boy, did it ever.  Lots of vinyasas and quick sun salutations.  When class was over, my arms felt like jelly and I felt very adrenaline-y.  I ran into an acquaintance who is engaged so we chatted weddings for awhile, then I grabbed Starbucks and drove home. It's so nice to have a car! Once I got back, I was still feeling a rush of adrenaline, so decided to hit the gym to work out my legs.  I only did 20 minutes on the elliptical, but soon my legs felt as worked-out as my arms!  I made myself a purple kale salad for lunch. We spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing until I took a 2-hour nap around 3:30.  My healthy day ended when Bill saw a commercial fir $8 large pizzas at Papa John's.

Last weekend was a very different sort of weekend in DC.  My office was closed Thursday and Friday because of the Inauguration and Bill's was closed on Friday, so we were both home.  He had the day off, but I had to work.  Both days, I was feeling pretty gross with a head cold.  I decided to watch the Inauguration, even though I was not excited about it, mostly because I wanted to see President Obama for the last time.  I did get a kick out of seeing former presidents and Hillary, though my heart broke when I first saw her. I liked how so many people on both sides of the aisle stopped to shake hands with and say hello to former Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole. The Capitol Building is only about 3 blocks away from us, but even though it was so close, we couldn't hear anything from our balcony.  After it was over, the Obamas got in their helicopter that was waiting outside of the Capitol and I realized that we would be able to see them when they took off!! Bill and I ran out to the balcony and waited for them.  We looked across the street and realized that a lot of other people had the same idea!  Everyone was standing outside with their phones.  Eventually, we saw the helicopter zoom up and away -- what a cool moment!  The rest of the day was much more depressing as the reality of our new president sunk in.  I turned on the Inaugural balls coverage for about two seconds -- Bill couldn't even watch -- he said he didn't want to remember those moments.  I saw the first dance and it was ... awkward. We spent most of the day talking about what this new administration meant and about our fears for the future.  I was pretty nervous for the Inauguration, as I was afraid something bad would happen. I was right, but thankfully the violence was confined to one area of the city -- anarchists took over K St, busting out windows, destroying public property and burning cars. It made me sick and scared.

The next day, we woke up early with the intention to head to the Women's March, but I woke up feeling like absolute crap. My ears felt like they were going to explode! The rally for the march started at 10:30 and the march was to start at 1:00. At 12:00 I decided that I couldn't take it anymore! It was only 3 blocks away and I had to go.  We got ready and walked over the rally point, but we couldn't get anywhere near!  There were people as far as the eyes could see, from all areas of the country, holding so many creative and moving signs and chants. We saw people of all ages, sexes and races.  I have never taken part in any sort of political protest before, certainly not protesting my own government, but I couldn't stand by.  My ears felt worse the longer we were outside, so we were only there for around an hour, but it was really inspiring and for a little bit, I felt proud to be American again.  One of my favorite parts of the day was looking at Instagram and seeing friends' (and strangers') photos from marches all across the country.

The next day, I was still sick and basically slept the entire day. I started a new book, which I have since finished -- Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham.  Review likely to come soon.  Not sure how much book reviews I'll be doing.

Let me know.  Do you like book reviews?  Why or why not?  How were your weekends?  Did you participate in the Women's March?

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