Feb 5, 2017

February Goals

First off, I'm watching the end of the Superbowl as I watch this and can I just say two things - this is tight right now!! 28-28 and apparently this is historical! The first time a Superbowl has gone into overtime!  Also, I'm loving some of these commercials.  Nothing has been particularly hilarious, which I normally love, but some of these are really powerful and I am impressed that companies were willing to take the risk to make some of these points (Budweiser, Audi, Airbnb to name a few).  Ok, well now the Patriots have won. I did not have a dog in this race, but that was so nerve-wracking!! Also: Gisele is so perfect - so classy, so elegant, great hair, perfect body! #goal

That's not the reason for this post, however.  I want to lay out my February goals to help me stay on track and then assess my success once the month is up.

February Goals:

1) Do my best to prepare for the bar exam in the last few weeks.  It's on the 22nd. This will be my third time taking it and I'm not ready yet.  I want to continue to study at least 3-4 hours a day, taking 50 MBE (multiple choice) practice questions each day. I have taken a few days off between now and then and on those days, I want to put in a good 8-10 hours

2) Walk 10,000 steps each day.  I finally have a Fitbit again, so I want to put it to good use.  I got it for Christmas from my Mom. If you're interested, I got this one, the One (in burgundy) so that I don't have to wear it visibly on my wrist all of the time, but it has more features than the Zip, which is what I used to have before I lost it)

3) Finish planning the trip to Harry Potter World. My sister and I are finally going to celebrate her college graduation, a year later

4) Get our apartment finally put-together and organized

5) Go to class at my yoga studio at least 5 times.  I don't go there enough and 5 classes makes my monthly payment worth it, so if I don't go at least 5 times, I'm going to cancel my membership at the end of Feb

6) Celebrate our first married Valentine's Day! Many years, we don't take this holiday very seriously, but I want to do something special this year

7) After the bar, finally start getting our wedding posts up!

8) Post wedding and honeymoon pics to Facebook (finally!)

9) Start writing in my journal again

10) Spend as little money as possible

Let's see how I do! I'll review at the beginning of March and post my next month's goals then.

Do you like reading about bloggers' monthly goals?  Are there any major goals you want to achieve this month?

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  1. Keep it up on the bar... you'll be done soon enough and then you can get on to the better things!! Make sure you have a stress-free plan for how you're going to take it. Try and stay close by if you can so you aren't worried about traffic. Hunker down for a few days and KILL IT!! You've got this, girlie!! Hugs!

    I love goals on blogs! I do them as a seasonal link up on my blog with Life According to Steph. Feel free to join us!


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