Mar 12, 2017

If we were having coffee..

If we were having coffee together, we'd have a lot to talk about since it has been so long since we last caught up!  First, I would whine that I'm still missing the Starbucks holiday lattes.  Gingerbread, eggnog, white peppermint mocha, chestnut praline... I could drink all of them all year long!
The last time we talked, I was prepping for the bar, so I would tell you how glad I am that the bar exam is over!  I would also tell you that I have no idea how I did.  The morning half felt awful and I felt like I was guessing on every question.  The afternoon half went a lot better.  I recognized a lot of fact patterns and was able to answer more quickly, so we'll see.  The results come out at the end of April. Fingers crossed!  It feels so nice to have free time again, but of course now that I'm finishing with the bar, the back of my mind keeps reminding me my unwritten grad school thesis.  That's my next goal for the year.  I don't want to write it, but I also want to graduate.  It's been six years since I was enrolled, so it's getting to be a little ridiculous.  All that's keeping me from a degree is a 100-page thesis.  I know I can do it and I just need to buckle down and write the damn thing.

The weekend before the bar, I dogsat for Griffin.  He's getting older but he's such a good dog!  It was fun hanging out with dogs again. For any new readers, I used to work at a dog daycare and was a dog walker for several years.

I would tell that recently we had been having unseasonably warm weather.  It neared 80 on a few days!  However, we are now expecting a snowstorm tomorrow night!  I can't wait.  I'm bummed that this weather is wreaking havoc on cherry blossoms and flowers, but I am so looking forward to snow.  It's been over a year since I've seen real snow!  Maybe longer!

I would tell you that since I dilly-dallied on signing up for JLW shifts earlier in the year, I've had to jam all of my requirements into the last few months (the "year' ends May 1). I've done 3 shifts at a local food bank (and got stuck in frozen meats each time -- ew), I attended a committee meeting, and in the last 2 days I did a long shift at the Rock 'n Roll Marathon expo handing out tshirts to runners and yesterday I volunteered at a local teen book festival.  I have 3 more events coming up and then I'm done with my requirements for the year, thank goodness.  I had been thinking about quitting the league, because I joined it to make friends which hasn't really happened, but I've decided to give it one more year and join a committee that is more tightly-knit rather than once that is scattered all over the city. 

I would tell you that I've been dying of cramps all weekend.  TMI? Maybe, but it's the truth.  Speaking of pain, I would also tell you that I'm finally recovered from a freak hand injury I gave myself a few weeks ago.  I was doing laundry on an afternoon when I worked from home, which means that I was home alone, which is an important part of this story.  I went to swap the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I noticed that the washer had moved during the cycle and it was all off kilter. I grabbed both sides of the washer and tried to push it back in place, but when I did this, it somehow moved more towards the wall and crushed my right hand between the corner of the washer and the wall.  I couldn't get my hand out and I couldn't get the washer to move, so I was just stuck there with my hand crushed.  I was positive that it was broken and crushed to smithereens. Eventually I managed to move the washer just slightly enough to pull it out.  I had dark bruises on both sides, but it wasn't broken and has finally returned to normal.  It was a few days before the bar and as I was stuck, I kept imagining myself having to fill out the bubbles on the test with my left hand.  As Bill said, only I could hurt myself while doing laundry!  

Along the line of stupid things that happened to me, I would tell you that I cut off some of my eyelashes using my eyelash curler.  I broke the rules by using it after I put on mascara.  Can't wait for them to grow back.  Now my eyes look like this:  

I would tell you that I bought some new Bath & Body Works candles for springtime and I'm obsessed with all of them.  So many of them oddly remind me of my mom, in some way.  I joked that it should be renamed the Sandy collection, after her.  'Lily of the Valley' smells nothing like a real lily of the valley, which is one of my favorite smells in the world, but instead smells like my mom. Bill says it smells like his mom, too, so maybe it's just a maternal perfumey smell.  'Tomato Vine' smells exactly like my mom's tomato garden.  I'm not even sure if it will smell good burning because do I really want my house to smell like a tomato garden?  Not sure, but I had to buy it.  'Sunlight Garden' evokes memories of Easter Sunday and going to church which my mom and smelling all of the beautiful flowers, like hyacinths, growing outside afterwards while hunting for eggs. Finally, 'Black Tea Rose' is a unique fragrance.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked it, but I kept smelling it so I bought it because it reminded me of something.  It's a cedar chest/rose smell and I finally placed it!  It smells like a sachet my mom used to have in her dresser.  I bought a couple of non-mom scents as well -- 'Wild Sage & Aloe' and 'Bergamot Mint' -- both fresh scents.  I haven't burnt any of them yet, as I'm trying to work through my other ones first.  If I haven't shared with anyone here, I have a biiiit of a candle obsession.  I currently have around 30 3-wick candles.  I buy most of them during sales like their semi-annual sales and their annual $8.50 candle day in December, but sometimes I buy them at other times like these spring ones. I'm trying to cut back on how much I spend on them, so much goal is to try to burn through all of the ones I own before buying more! I'm currently burning one called Blue Ocean Waves and it's so good.  If anyone cares, I actually have an Instagram account dedicated to my love of candles -- @scentedamanda if you want to check it out.  

Spring candles!!
While we are on the topic of fragrance, I would tell you about my ridiculous cat who has to be on this 4th or 5th of his 9 lives.  He is allergic to Bath & Body Works wallflowers. We discovered this in our first apartment when he started sneezing blood.  Our vet helped us figure it out by running through common allergens.  We had one in our last house downstairs. Pumpkin only lived upstairs and it didn't seem to bother him, so I decided to try it again because someone got me the cutest owl wallflower holder (Abbie, was it you?  Kyle?  I can't seem to remember who got it for me but I love it).  Well, turns out he's still allergic because he started sneezing right away so I unplugged it and set it on the balcony.  We had a windstorm that night and it fell and broke, spilling oil everywhere.  Unbeknownst to me that it had spilled, I let the cat out and he came in smelling like a flower. I realized it was all over his fur and he kept trying to lick it!  I tried to rub it off, but couldn't.  I called the vet who stressed that while he couldn't "officially" advise me without calling poison control (which would cost us $60), he was pretty sure it was very toxic and that we needed to get it off of him and monitor him closely. Update: according to the internet, it's super toxic and judging by the fact that it later eroded our balcony, I think the internet is right.  Anyway, Bill got him from work in the midst of this and he helped me give Pumpkin a bath. Have you ever given a cat a bath?  It's not fun. We finally got it all off of him.  Did I mention this was on Valentine's Day?  So romantic. <3 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I would tell you that we continued our romantic evening by going to Buffalo Wild Wings because it was Tuesday night which is half price wings.  The service wasn't great and the wings were terrible.  They were undercooked and gelatinous almost.  It will be a long time before we return to B Dubs.  Womp womp.  

I would tell you that back in December, Hannah and I saw Connie Britton at the Smithsonian.  That sounds a little more exciting than it actually is.  We didn't spot her in the wild, but we had tickets to see her "in conversation" with Linda Holmes from NPR.  She's so nice and funny as well as inspiring.  This was before I got mad at her for spoiling Nashville for me.  Yes, I was actually mad at someone I don't even know.  I've since forgiven her, though because y'all, that episode was so sad but so good. It was also her 50th birthday last weekend.  I swear I'm not stalking her, but I do follow a lot of people who happen to be friends with her on Instagram, which is how I know this. Happy Birthday Connie!  Just in case she ever reads this.  Moving on...

Sort of along this line, I have caught up on most of the tv I needed to watch. I still have 2 more episodes of This is Us and I sort of stopped watching Quantico and The Walking Dead, but I'll catch up soon.  Our new favorite show is The Mick.  So funny.

This is getting to be a lot coffee date.  If we were really having coffee, we'd probably be on our second latte by now.  Even so, I would tell you a few more things.  

I'd tell you that my sister and I finalized our trip to Florida!! We are going next month to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we are doing a day at Disney!  The flights are booked, the hotel is booked and paid for, the rental car is booked, and the tickets have been bought. I cannot wait!! We have never traveled anywhere just the 2 of us and I've been wanting to go to Harry Potter World (as I call it) since it opened!  I was trying to reread all of the books before we go but I am running out of time!! I'm only on the 2nd one (and that really means the first one since I lost the first one).  Oops.  

I would also tell you that Bill and I celebrated our six month anniversary!!  It's insane to me that it's been half a year since we got married!  We didn't do much to celebrate, but we went to brunch with a friend and the next day we saw Logan with a different friend.  That movie was really sad, by the way.  Ugh.  Last weekend I also went to the UD/GWU game with Franny.  We lost.  

Being silly with Lisa
I would tell you that we've had a couple of brief visitors.  Our family friends Lisa & Jeff were in town randomly one day and we went to dinner at Chart House in Old Town.  The food was so-so, but it was so fun to see them and to catch up.  This past Monday, my cousin Nick and his wife Lindsey were here so we met up for dinner.  We attempted to go to Sakuramen but when we arrived, we found that it was closed on Mondays.  Sigh.  We went to Perry's instead.  It's always so nice to see family! Bill & I made up for the ramen today, though!  We went to Sakuramen for lunch and I ordered not one, but two sides of 'oshinko,' pickled vegetables.  As for the ramen, got the spicy miso and Bill got the shoki bowl.  Yum.  

Finally, I would tell you that we are in the very early stages of a planning a trip out west to see Yellowstone.  More on this soon!

Well, I think that's enough for one post!  I hope you enjoyed our virtual coffee date. 


  1. Oh, Yellowstone sounds amazing - & dude, if those wallflowers are THAT toxic, I would NOTTT be using them in my home anymore. Yikes, B&BW! Glad Pumpkin is OK.

    1. I know!!! It makes me kind of queasy to think about breathing in those chemicals!

  2. YAY for the Bar being over!! I'm sure you did great! Fingers crossed for positive results! And whyyyyy are you such an overachiever with a THESIS and the bar exam?! Girlboss for sure. How many hours are you required to do with JLW? I'm in JLD and we have 60 hours at one agency... I've got 3 left... and they are scheduled for May. #wompwompwomp. I'm thinking about taking a sabbatical next year for some of the reasons you mentioned and some others... Yay for sister trip to Harry Potter World and more being booked! The perfect escape from the nasty, nasty bar exam!

    1. Well, to be fair, I should have finished my thesis in 2011!

      So for JLW, it's not a uniform set number of hours -- you pick a committee and they each have different requirements. Mine requires 15 "points" which are 1-4 hour shifts at different community partners (or 1.5 pts for shifts over 4 hours).


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