May 15, 2017

Sister Sister Whirlwind Trip: The last day/What I bought, Part 5 of 5

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We spent our last day hitting the highlights in Harry Potter World and buying souvenirs that we had put off buying until the last day.  We checked out of our hotel in the morning and when we finally left the park for the last time, we headed back to Tampa to our cousin's house.  Even though we got back pretty late, he waited to eat dinner with us.  We went to The Crab Shack for crab legs.  They were delish!  I also got some oysters because I always love to try local ones and they were also good.  We hit the hay the minute we returned and woke up early the next day. 

We couldn't leave Florida without at least seeing the ocean so we stopped by a little beach along the way.  There were "no swimming" signs everywhere but we decided it would be ok to wade a bit so we did!

From there, we headed straight to the airport.  I got held up in security because the crystal decanter from Bill's grandma was deemed suspicious!  We were flying home on different airlines in different terminals to different cities and I wasn't allowed to go to her terminal with her so we had to abruptly say goodbye!  It was so sad! Once she left, I spent the rest of the day working from the airport. 

It was a great first-ever sister trip and I have a feeling there will be many more in our future! I loved getting to spend almost a full week with my sister -- we have never done that as adults.  It was awesome getting to hang in that way, just us with no one else around!


Now, on to the souvenirs that I bought because I'm 12 years old and love sharing my souv purchases!

First, gifts:
- For Bill and Davey, drinking glasses with the deathly hallows on them
- For Dad, a jar of Pepper Imps (cinnamon candy) from the candy store
- For Mom, a Gryffindor keychain with her name on it.  This was a bit of a cop-out, I know, but nothing really screamed "Mom" to me!

Now, on to souvs I bought for myself:
- From Disney, a Winne the Pooh mug that I got in the "UK"
- a stuffed Buckbeak (a bird in the 3rd book)
- a little pigmy puff for my purse (cute little pink and purple puffball animals sold at Weasley's shop)
- a new black leather journal with the Hogwarts crest -- the paper looks antique
- obviously my wand!
- a really cool "collegiate" looking shirt with the Hogwarts crest and motto


Well, that's it! Thanks for sticking with me through this long trip recap!


Somebody missed me

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