May 13, 2017

Sister Sister Whirlwind Trip: Part 3 of 5, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmead/Hogwarts

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All photos at end of post.

Having seen the other park on Sunday, we headed straight to this park on Monday and boy was I excited.  As soon as Hogwarts came into view, I gasped and grabbed Abbie's arm.  She thought something was wrong, but I was just excited!  I don't remember the order of what we did, but we tried just about everything there was to do here!

We rode the "kiddie coaster," Flight of the Hypogriff, which is one of the fastest coasters I've ever been on and totally roached my back.  Abbie was pretty queasy from it too.  I find it hard to believe that it's classified as a "kiddie" coaster.  Ugh.  The only thing cool about this ride in my opinion was getting to see Hagrid's hut while we were in line. It also gave me a migraine, but thankfully water and some medicine fixed that right up.

We found a lovely little nook beneath some brick arches were we often stopped to take rests.  I suppose our nook was the equivalent of our staircase in the other park.  

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey takes place inside of Hogwarts.  You get to walk through Hogwarts while you are in line and that was the best part if you ask me!  It was so authentic-looking.  You get to see Dumbledore's office, the Dark Arts classroom, and more.  As soon as we got onto the ride, it stopped.  We were stuck in our seats and I was not a fan of that.  I hate being restrained!  I was very close to asking if we could get off and wait, but it finally moved.  This ride was neat, but made Abbie pretty sick and gave her a headache.  It made me moderately nauseous, but I also didn't like it for another reason which is the crazy amount of giant spiders and dementors.  Yikes.  I loved soaring over Hogwarts lake but that was about it!  I pretty much had to shut my eyes during all of the "movie" parts, because it made me instantly queasy.  I realize that it sound like I hated this ride and I actually didn't -- I am glad I rode it but probably don't need to ride it ever again.  The next time I go, I think I'll just do the "tour" through Hogwarts in which you get to walk through everything but not ride. The photo of us is hilarious, though.  I got in trouble for taking a picture of the picture but #noregrets. When we got off the ride, they gave us free Express Passes for being stuck on the ride in the beginning, so that was a nice perk.

On our last day in the park, I woke up with bravery and decided that I wanted to ride the only real rollercoaster in the wizarding world, Dueling Dragons. Abbie didn't want to ride, but she walked through with me.  We got to see the Goblet of Fire and some other things.  It was a long walk to the ride!  I have never ridden a coaster by myself before, but it was worth it.  It was awesome!  It was one of the ones where your feet dangle.  It had a lot of twists and upside down moments and was just so fun.  I actually found myself smiling like a giant dork.

One of the other highlights in this area were the owlery/owl post, where you can actually mail things and a plant storefront that had a mandrake.  There didn't seem to be as many spells to do in this park.  We ate at 3 Broomsticks -- Abbie got fish & chips again while I opted for the ribs.  Good, but I wish I had gone with fish & chips too.

The only ride non-Harry Potter that we rode was Kong.  It was a little silly, but fun.

That wraps up most of our time in the wizarding world!  It's pretty hard to really convey the  magical feeling of being in the park.  If you're a fan at all, I definitely recommend going.  I can't wait to go back!

Entrance to Hogsmeade


The view from our little nook

Possibly THE nerdiest picture of me to exist

Stuck on the ride

Zoom in for hilariousity

Hog's Head

Hogwarts Express

My new school


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