May 8, 2017

Weekending: April 28-30 and May 6-7

Here's another double dose of weekending! Linking up with Biana.

Last weekend, Bill and I headed to Ohio for my family's annual mushroom hunt.  For anyone who doesn't know, in the midwest, hunting for morel mushrooms is a common springtime activity, and one that my family has done for generations! 

We headed out after work Thursday and took Friday off for "the big hunt."  The big hunt turned out to be a big bust!  We first traveled to a beautiful state park where we found 2.  2!  We stopped by Amy's new house (!) and went to Young's Dairy Farm for some ice cream.  I haven't been there in over a decade, so it was fun to see it again and introduce Bill to it.  Next up we went to a private woods owned by one of his friends and found one.  Finally, we went to the dam near our house and finally had a bit of luck, finding around 40.  Earlier in the week, my family had found hundreds so at least we got to have a feast!

All of our sticks ready to go!  Mostly carved by Dad

Back when we were optimistic

Happy for ice cream!

So funny.  Lilly took this and said I looked like Big Foot and she's totally right!
The Big Hunt!
No mushrooms, but Dad found a lovely skull...

The freshest morel I've ever seen, found by Dad
The next two days went about the same.  Had a little luck but nothing crazy.  The weather was pretty gross, too.  Wet and muddy.  We played some games with mom - Boggle, Farkle, Oh Hell and Pictionary. I gave Davey his belated birthday presents and Mom her early Mother's Day gift.  My cousin James visited on Sunday and I got to meet his new baby girl! We headed out early Sunday afternoon. On the way home, we stopped in Columbus for a coffee break with Kyle.   It was a quick trip, but a great time filled with family and fun!

Phoebe wanted to play too

How cute is Bill with baby Zoe?!

This past weekend, I spent Friday night relaxing while Bill went to his friend's house to grill and drink beer. Yesterday, I got up early and was very productive -- I did several loads of laundry, tidied up my area of the bedroom and scrubbed the bathroom.  At noon, I went to brunch at Masa 14 with two coworkers.  It was a great time but I had too many mimosas!  I got the mail when I came home and to my delight discovered that I got jury duty for the first time in my life!  I've always wanted jury duty!  After I recovered somewhat from my many mimosas, we headed to the hardware store to buy plants.  We have a plot on our roof and today was the deadline to plant in it or the building would give it away to someone else!  We ended up just getting tomatoes, cilantro and jalepenos.  We headed to the roof to plant them in the cold rain.  I think we'll buy some more plants in the future, but we just had to get something in so they didn't give it away!

Today we went to The Bloody Mary Festival at the Blind Whino.  The venue was awesome! It was an old church that artists painted all over the inside. There was live music on both floors. The festival showcased bloody marys from many different local restaurants and bars.  There were a lot of unique ones and my favorite was one that had coconut milk, curry and fish sauce in it from Barrel.  My second favorite was one made with hand-pressed tomato juice from La Jambe. Some of the restaurants had cool effects like adding smoke to your drink or torching the garnishes. While I liked the idea of the festival, it was pretty crowded and loud.  It may have been more fun if we had been with a big group, but we ended up leaving after about an hour.

Baba Bar adding smoke to our drinks!
Bloody Mary with wings!
Since getting home from the festival, we have both just been wrapping up laundry and relaxing before the week begins.  


  1. My friend in Michigan was morel hunting this weekend! I've never been.

  2. I don't think people mushroom hunt here? Maybe they do, but I've never heard of it! It sounds so fun.


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