Jul 16, 2017

Coffee Date

If we were getting coffee, I would be embarrassed that it has been over 2 months since we last caught up and I'm sorry! I didn't mean to take such a long break, but life just has been kind of busy. I would order something hot and you'd call me crazy since its been near 100 degrees here this week, but I just don't like cold coffee drinks very much!  If it was really hot, I would consider a Pink Drink from Starbucks because as stupid as I feel ordering it, they are really tasty.

I would probably start by whining about the weather, because 90+ temps are not for me.  I hate almost everything about summer, but I've been trying to embrace it this year.  For example, we planted a garden in our rooftop plot and I've enjoyed trying to make it better.  It was struggling at first, but now I'm very attentive to it -- we have tomatoes, basil, peppers, cilantro and pumpkins!

I would tell you that we just got back from a family vacation to New York state.  We went to Lake Cayuga, one of the Finger Lakes.  It was so great to get to spend time with extended family that we don't get to see very often. Blog post on this to come later this week!

Speaking of family time, I'd tell you that Bill's dad has been in town a lot for work lately, so we've been able to meet up with him for dinner several times -- we've gone to Olive Garden, Outback and Busboys & Poets. It's so great to be able to just meet with a family member during a regular old week!!

I would tell you that I've made a few fun purchases lately.  I bought some new summer clothes at the beginning of summer.  I think my faves are are these shorts from the Gap (SO. Comfy.  I could live in them!), this shirt from Old Navy and this shirt from Banana Republic.  I bought my first one piece in ages, though I haven't worn it yet.  I love the beach bag I got for vacation.  I bought these Birkenstocks in the color "sand" and they are pretty comfortable! I hit the Bath & Body Works and Yankee semi-annual sales.  I didn't go wild, but did get some good candles.  I this new curling wand set for $50 off during Prime Day.  Most importantly, today, I bought a DSLR camera!  I have been wanting one for a long time, but I saw the one I wanted on sale today and bought it on a whim.  It's a Nikon d3300 and came with a lot of other things like lenses, bag, tripods, filters, and more.  I can't wait for it to arrive!  I plan to take some classes online on how to use it, but if you have any tips, let me know!

I went on a work trip to Minneapolis with my coworker Allison.  We staffed a conference for 2 days and visited some clients.  I stayed in the Loews hotel and it was fabulous -- there was a tv in my bathroom!  We had some good food, the best being Zen Box Izakaya.  The weather was lovely -- in the 40s most days!  It was a pleasant reprieve from the sweltering DC temps.  I enjoyed the "skyway," which is a series of above-ground tunnels that connects most of the city.  One evening I ventured out to the Mall of America by myself.  I took the light rail which took me straight from the hotel to the mall!  I went on a ride called FlyOver America, which was exactly like Soarin' in Epcot except it was just the US.  It was almost better because it felt like there were a lot more sights.  When we "flew" over Ohio, it smelled like harvest time in fall! They offered an unlimited rides ticket which I wish I would have bought!

The same night we returned from the trip, Allison, Hannah, and I went to an Eric Church concert at Verizon Center.  It was ok.  I can't believe that I'm saying this, but dare I say the concert was too long? It just kept going and going -- nearly 4 hours!  We actually left before it was over.  We also had horrible seats.  They convinced me to buy 400 level tickets and never again will I do that.  I'm too old for bad concert seats.  We were so far away, it felt like I might as well have been watching on tv.
See teeny tiny Eric Church on the stage?

I would tell you that Bill and I attended the Congressional Baseball Game.  I would have liked to do a full blog post on this, but you know how that goes.  I felt like it was a quintessential DC experience that we needed to do, since we live 5 minutes from the stadium!  We bought tickets oddly the day before the shooting.  I'm sure it was a different vibe than usual because of this.  The shooting made me really, really sad, but I'm glad we went to the game.  There were a lot of Congress members wearing "Team Scalise" shirts including Democrats which I thought was really cool.  One of the Capitol Police members who helped bring down the shooter threw the first pitch and then walked right by us.  I got to tell him thank you.  Our tickets were randomly amazing.  They only cost $5 more than the "unassigned seating" and they happened to be right next to the section where Congress members, their families, and other VIPs got to sit.  We saw Nancy Pelosi, Kirsten Gillibrand (my *favorite!* - I even got to say hi to her!), Maxine Waters, Steny Hoyer, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Ted Cruz, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and KellyAnne Conway, among others.  I was nerding out a bit of the time.  I had my eyes peeled for my other favorite, Cory Booker, but no luck.  The stadium was neat because it was a different crowd than Nats games.  Everyone was just very chill and in good spirits.  There were no lines for the concessions and I ate a marvelous hot dog.  It was a great way to spend a June evening and I recommend it to anyone who lives in DC.

All the players

I spotted Wolf from pretty far away!

I would tell you that we spent a lot of weekends house-hunting to no avail. It was fun in the beginning, but then got pretty old.  Everything that we can afford is either too small or too far out of the city and the prices here are astronomical.  We have taken a bit of a breather from house-hunting and may not end up buying in the area at all.

I would tell you that we booked our anniversary trip!  We are headed to Charleston for 4 days over Labor Day, which is our anniversary weekend.  I am looking forward to some good food, good sights and some relaxation.

I'd let you know, mainly so you can help me be accountable, that I've been attempting to eat both healthy and economically lately.  I've been making some good salads and packing them for lunch, rather than buying lunch every day.  I'm loving Amy's brand soups, too -- chunky tomato bisque is my absolutely fave so far.
Doesn't look like much, but it sure was tasty

I would tell you that there's been a lot of birthdays to celebrate since we last talked.  Amy joined me in the 31 club, our friend's baby turned 1, my mom and dad both turned 58, my "little" sister turned 25, both of my junior bridesmaids celebrated their sweet 16 and my little Pumpkin turned 10.  I felt like a terrible cat mom because I actually forgot his birthday, but then he got a full birthday week because I felt so guilty!

Finally, if we were really getting coffee IRL, I would probably tell you the life-changing news that we received in May.  It's good news, so don't worry, but I'm not quite ready to blog about it yet.  In due time, my friend!

I promise to be here more regularly from now on!  I know I've said this again and again, but I really want to focus on this space of mine.

If we were grabbing coffee, what would you tell me?

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  1. I'm so jealous that you got to go to the Congressional Baseball Game. I never made it to one!


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