Aug 4, 2017

Countdown to our anniversary: Wedding Post Month! // Our wedding: The week before

Happy Friday!  Today marks exactly one month to our first wedding anniversary!  I thought that it would be a fitting time to finally blog about our wedding!  I have lots of posts planned and intend to post about our wedding every day or two until the big day.  I hope you enjoy reading along and don't worry, I'll return to a normal non-wedding blog after this! My intention is to detail every memory for both my own record to look back on, but also for anyone to read as they plan their wedding.  I read a lot of bloggers' wedding recaps as I was planning and couldn't get enough.  Without further ado, here we go!

The week leading up to the wedding:

The days leading up to the wedding are such a blur in my memory.  I flew home on August 31st. Bill followed a day or two later.  I really can’t remember everything that we did.  I’m thinking that maybe I relaxed a bit too much the first day or two, because I suddenly was faced with having so much to do. I so wish I had documented it.  I know that I got my nails done one day and did a final run-through with the venue and caterer.  I ran to Sally Beauty supply late one night because I forgot my hair extensions at home! I think perhaps I had a final meeting with our officiant or at least a phone call. I ordered a card box on Amazon using one day shipping because we totally forgot about that. I had grand plans to make one from an antique birdcage, but ended up with a cardboard box instead haha. I had my final final dress fitting and mom finished my veil. On one day, we ran to our family friend's house to check out the beautiful decorations he made for our venue and it was so cool to see them all ready in his garage!
Nails!  Looks like I also popped into 311 Drafthouse to play a little Keno!

One of the cooler things that I did in the week leading up to the wedding was help to arrange my bouquet!  I went to the florist on Thursday with my man of honor.  The florist showed me our centerpieces and bridesmaids bouquets and then we went into the back to help build mine. There were buckets and buckets of flowers and greenery.  I remember just marveling at the sheer amount of flowers! I held the bouquet as he built it and I got to place and rearrange flowers until it was perfect to my liking.  What a great treat!
Making the bouquet!

On Friday, Bill and I woke up early to head to the county courthouse to get our marriage license.  How exciting!!! It was a lot easier than I expected – we just filled out the forms and answered questions online and a few minutes later, we had it in our hands!  Family and friends started arriving and trickled in throughout the day! I only got to see people for short bursts at a time because I was so busy finishing things – I was trying to finish the placecards and some other activities. I gave my friends from DC a tour of the house and introduced them to my grandma Nanny - it was such a cool and uncanny feeling to be in my grandma's house in Ohio with friends from DC!  Whoever would have thought that moment would happen?! Friday night, we had a cookout/party at the house.  We had pizzas and my dad and uncles grilled burgers and hot dogs.  Bill’s mom had to go home early because she didn’t feel very well.  We were worried, but tried to keep having fun without her. That night, we had a huge bonfire behind Nanny’s house.  It was so fun to have everyone gathered around the fire.  I remember looking around and feeling so loved to have so many friends and family from all across the country all in one place.
Marriage Certificate!!


I’m sure that Bill won’t appreciate this next little story being online, but such is life! I went to bed pretty early because I was exhausted and wanted to feel good the next day.  Well, I woke up around 2am and found that Bill still hadn’t come to bed. I called him a few times and then fell back asleep.  I woke up again around 5am and he still wasn’t there!  I called him about 20x and texted but got no response of course.  I finally decided to get up and start searching for him. There were several bodies lying about on couches and the floor in all of the downstairs rooms, but none were Bill.  I then noticed that the light in the cottage behind our house was still on so I went back there, no sign of him.  I decided to trek next door to my grandma’s and there were sleeping high-schoolers everywhere, but no Bill.  What the heck?? And did I mention that it was dark, creepy and cold outside?  And that I was in my nightgown?  Eventually I decided that the boys went crazy and went out to Dayton and got arrested or something and decided that it wasn’t my problem.  I went back home, poured a cup of water and on my way back upstairs, noticed that the basement light was on.  I crept down there (also scary) and found my future husband passed out in my brother’s “man cave” in a sorry state.  Turns out that one of our groomsmen brought a family tradition of Hennessy to the bonfire and my dear sweet fiancé had one shot too many.  My little brother ended up having to take care of him and put him to bed down there so that no one else would know about (and now the world knows!  Sorry, babe).  Somehow, he magically woke up just feeling tired and not sick!

On Saturday, the day before the wedding, we made several trips to the venue, dropping off stuff for the wedding.  I decided last minute that I just had to have programs (because I wanted to put on the programs that my mom made the dress) so I drafted them and then Abbie and I ran to Staples to “quickly” print them.  Somehow, it took hours and multiple tries for them to get it right.  Apparently, the family played croquet and swam in the pool while we were at the world’s most incompetent Staples. We eventually were running out of time and I accepted the programs even though they were crooked and had a typo (who really knows how to spell Corinthians anyway, amirite??) We rushed home and started getting ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

Up next:  the rehearsal!


  1. Aww!!! Love this idea!! So cool that you got to help with your bouquet!! It looks incredible! lol at your little brother having to take care of your future hubs!!


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