Aug 29, 2017

My bridal showers and bachelorette party

My bridal showers

I was lucky enough to be given two showers by my family!  My mom’s side of the family lives in Cleveland and my Aunt Sheri, along with my aunts Bonnie and Laurie, threw me a beautiful shower on June 26, 2016.

I was weirdly nervous for the shower!  I knew that I would be opening gifts in front of everyone and for some reason felt so nervous!  Of course, it turned out to be totally fine, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  Did anyone else feel this way??

They went all-out with decorations and the food was divine!  Aunt Sheri had the cutest drink dispensers.  My favorite decoration were balloons with photos of me and Bill hanging from them.

My friends and family arrived -- Amy and her mom drove to Cleveland two days after her sister’s wedding and Kyle drove all the way from Dayton!  My Aunt Bonnie’s family drove down from Rhode Island. My great-aunts came which was really special since my grandma had passed away.  I felt very loved.

We ate, drank and mingled for an hour or so and then it was time for games!  There was a trivia game about me and Bill, a name-the-slogan game, and finally a funny game where we all tried to identify weird kitchen tools.

After that, it was time to open presents! I sat in the middle of the room, opening gifts and reading the cards.  I got so many awesome gifts and felt so grateful and appreciated.

The party favors were awesome -- pink nailpolish, chapsticks with “Amanda’s Bridal Shower” on them, and a whole candy and sweets bar where you could make your own mixed bag!  There were even M&M’s with our names on them.

Near the end of the shower, Bill showed up with flowers for me and Aunt Sheri (as a thank you), and more champagne for everyone!

A few weeks later, I flew home to Piqua for my hometown shower on July 9th.  This one was thrown by my sister and Kyle with some help from my mom.  I asked for a 4th of July themed shower (this was in the golden days before You-Know-Who took office and I still felt proud to be an American) and they really came through!  Red, white and blue everything!  Balloons, decorations, themed desserts!  Most people came dressed in red, white and blue attire too.  I loved it.  I also an obsessed with the dress I bought for my shower.  You may have seen it this year on the 4th of July as well.  I got it from and I can’t recommend this company enough.

Dad carrying balloons down to the mailbox!

Family from my dad’s side that I hadn’t seen in ages came and it was so fun to catch up with them! Amy came again which was really special because she had never been to my parents’ house before! I gave her a little tour.  Angie flew in from Long Beach for the shower!  Again, I felt overwhelmed with love.

We played some fun games including more Amanda/Bill trivia, my favorite! Angie did something hilarious which was to write down every time someone said something funny or that could possibly be taken in a gutter-mind way.  It was hilarious! I need to remember to do this the next time I’m at a shower.

I opened gifts and again got a lot of great stuff!  At this one, I got some America-themed stuff, which was awesome.

The party favors at this shower were soap and antibacterial gels from Bath and Body Works in a cute bag.  Maybe towels/washcloths too.

At each of the showers, all of the guests brought their favorite recipe on a card for me to put in a cute book.  I really need to start making some of these!

My final “shower” was a surprise one at work.  My coworker Alexa tricked me into thinking someone needed to ask me a question in our conference room. I figured it out seconds before I went in there.  When I walked in, I saw about half of our team sitting at the table and everyone clapped and cheered.  They gave me a card that everyone signed and a gift card from donations from everyone.  There were some refreshments and we all just hung out for awhile. A few weeks after this, an awesome girl started at the office who throws elaborate showers for everyone!  Missed that by a few weeks, haha.  I’m mostly kidding because it really did made me feel appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to my showers!  They really made Bill and I feel loved!

My bachelorette party

Now, for the bachelorette!

So, I originally really did not want a bachelorette party.  I don’t really know why, but I just didn’t want a whole big thing where it was all about me and I definitely didn’t want any penis-themed anything.  Well, then Bill’s best men decided to throw him an entire bachelor week at at the beach, and then my friends insisted that I must have one and I eventually got excited about it.

Hannah and Tara threw a bachelorette party for me on August 13th here in DC.  My old boss Dave let us use the awesome party deck on top of his house and it was perfect! We did not do a good job of taking pictures though, haha.

They decorated the deck so cute and had good drinks and snacks.

Everyone brought lingerie for me as a gift and I had to guess who gave what -- I actually did pretty good at guessing!

We played a couple of games - one was "Bill Jeopardy" where they asked me a bunch of questions that Bill had answered and if I got it wrong, I had to drink, but if I got it right, I selected someone to drink.  I would say I got most but not all of them.  We also played Never Have I Ever.

We pumped good music through the speakers and just had a fun party all night.  Eventually, we decided to go out dancing.  We found out then that Hannah's car had been broken into on the street so that put a bit of a damper and a delay on the evening, but me, BJ, Tara and Caitlin went out dancing and had a blast! After the bar closed, Tara and I came home and made spaghetti LOL.

I didn't even drink too much so I felt good and remember the whole night.  I also felt good the next morning which was awesome.

Even though I had a great time, in fact a much better time that I anticipated, I decided that I wanted to have my version of a perfect bachelorette weekend, so I decided to go home one weekend in August to have 2 days with my parents to do whatever I wanted.  We had a daddy daughter day and a mom daughter day!  My dad and I went to antique stores, played Keno and went to lunch.  Mom and I went to lunch, went shopping for honeymoon clothes, did more antique shopping, and then went to the fabric store for some dress-related stuff.  It was so fun to have a whole day just with each of them.  That hasn't happened in as long as I can remember.  I also spent time hanging out with my grandma and it was just a great weekend all around that I will cherish forever. There happened to be a tornado while I was there and we caught the tail end of it! We ended the trip with family dinner at Olive Garden.

Car wash after he picked me up at the airport!

Tornadic clouds

Fun picture at the antique store - my grandma used to be one of these phone operators 

Waiting for our table at Olive Garden

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