Aug 31, 2017

Our Honeymoon: Day 3 // Exploring Kauai

On Wednesday, we woke up with only one goal in mind:  to see Queen’s Bath.  Queen’s bath is a giant tidal pool that you can swim in.  I first saw it on Pinterest years ago and pinned it to my Bucket List board.  I never dreamed that I would actually get to swim in it!!  The guidebook cautioned that on many days, it’s too dangerous to swim in it.  I was neurotically checking the wave heights near Queen’s Bath and the outlook was good for Wednesday!

We started our day at the hotel's breakfast. It was pretty good and I liked trying miso soup for breakfast, but I wouldn't say it was totally worth the money.

As we were driving away, I realized that I forgot something in the hotel, so I went back in while Bill was outside.  A local craftsman was selling tea leaf bracelets in the lobby and I bought one for Bill.  Then, we were off (again!). We followed directions in the guidebook, which led us about 45 min straight along the East and then North sides of the island.  When we got close, we were led through a residential area and golf course.  We were sure we were in the wrong place until we saw signs for parking!  It was insanely hot when we got out of the car, but we followed the directions to a little hike.

First we saw a pretty stream and waterfall.  

We kept going and saw a sign that the guidebook warned us about, stating how many people have died in Queen’s bath.  

We first saw a big frothy, dangerous looking tide pool and I was dismayed – I thought that the tide was too rough to go in, but we kept walking and then I saw it!  Queen’s Bath!  It looked perfect.  The water was actually pretty low that day, but still swimmable.  We found a little spot for our stuff and got in.  We used my dad’s GoPro for the first time and did a little snorkeling.  This was my first time snorkeling, and it was a pretty good first step I would say.  There were a few fish in there, but nothing crazy.  I found a “ghost fish” that the book told us about and a pretty big angelfish that I followed around for awhile.  It was so neat to check something off of my bucket list!  

After we were done swimming, we hiked around the area for a bit checking out other tide pools and on the way back, we discovered dozens of sea turtles swimming near us.  We watched a crazy guy jump into the dangerous-looking waters and once we realized he survived, we headed back.  

Hard to see, but there were lots of sea turtles frolicking in the surf

The hike back up was long for me, and it was so hot.  I was huffing and puffing the whole time.  I kept stopping and backed up the whole pathway.  People had to either wait for me or walk around me.  It was embarrassing but also I felt like my heart was going to explode so I didn’t care.  Eventually we made it back to the car and back into blessed air conditioning.

We decided to keep driving along the North Shore.  We stopped for lunch in Hanalei.  We had drinks at Bouchons, which had a beautiful view.  Then we decided to walk down the road to see if anything struck our fancy for lunch.  We ended up getting fish tacos at Tropical Taco, a little truck-type of restaurant on the side of the road.  We ate on the porch and they were absolutely delicious.  Chickens and roosters came by begging for food as we ate.

After lunch, we shopped around the little town.  I bought some soap and some cool postcards.  We also got some authentic shave ice! I tried whatever was recommended as their best; I think it was macadamia on the bottom and rainbow on the top.  It was really good, but we couldn’t finish the whole thing!

Please ignore my hideous hat

Once we were stuffed, we continued up the North Coast.  It started raining as soon as we got in the car, and we were rewarded with our first Hawaiian rainbow.

Not actually the first rainbow we saw, but the second!

We stopped at some beaches and we saw the dry and wet caves. The dry cave went really far back into the mountain. It was a bit scary, but was fun to explore. There were people going further into the cave through small openings, but we weren't interested in that.

I read online that you can swim, or you used to be able to swim, in the wet caves, but that water was creepy looking!  It was eerie blue and cloudy.  I dipped a toe in, just to say that I did! On our walk to the wet caves, Bill pointed out a pretty pale purple flower.  I decided to smell it and it was the absolute most beautiful smell I’ve ever smelled.  I wanted to pick it but Bill said wait until we walked back by it.  Well, we forgot to grab it on our walk back.

The road ended at one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, K’e Beach.  This was my favorite beach that we found.  The water was crystal clear.  The sun was just about to set, but we thought had time to run back to get our snorkel gear.  By the time we got back, the sun had set and I refused to get in the water, as I know the sharks come out to feed at dawn and dusk.  Bill was disappointed but there was no way I was getting eaten by a shark on our 3rd day of the honeymoon.  We spent a bit of time just enjoying the beach and the view of Bali Hai before we started the journey back.  About 5 minutes into our drive, I remembered the flower and begged Bill to turn around.  It wasn’t exactly the type of road that you just turn around easily on, so we ended up not going back for it.  “Don’t worry, Bill said. “We’ll find another one in Maui,” Bill said.  Let me spoil the ending of this story:  we didn’t find another one.  I’m starting to think it was a mystical mythical flower that only exists on that one vine near Ke’e Beach. We didn't get any pics on the beach, so I found some on Flickr.


That evening, we decided to dine at the resort’s restaurant, Naupaka Terrace.  I ordered my best fish of the trip, butterfish and Bill got ribs.  They gave us a free bottle of champagne for our honeymoon! A cute little stray cat joined our table for dinner and I kept feeding him scraps of my fish.  We ended our meal just before it rained and turned in a little early on our last night in Kauai.

Burrata appetizer



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