Aug 24, 2017

Our wedding: All about our bridal party

Sorry that I got a bit behind in my wedding posting -- we were in NYC and NJ with Bill's side of the family this week and I had to work some of the time so it was a bit crazy.

I know I'm a little partial, but we had the best bridal party!


My junior bridesmaids Sofi and Grayson: my younger cousins.  I was a junior bridesmaid in both of their moms' weddings.

Tara and I were friends from day one of law school at UDC

Bill's sister Sharon

My cousin Sarah

I met Hannah during grad school and we have been friends ever since (she was my only DC-based bridesmaid!)

Angie and I have been friends since the day I was born.  Our grandmas are best friends!

Amy was my Matron of Honor.  We have been friends and partners-in-crime since before college even began when we met at Flyerette camp.

My Man of Honor Kyle. who is my brother from another mother

My sister and Maid of Honor, Abbie!

How I asked them

I asked most of the girls in person or over the phone, but I wanted to make it official, so I mailed them a cute card asking them if they would be my bridesmaid.  I downloaded this template from Etsy and printed the cards myself.  I posted pictures of us inside and wrote a note to each of them.  I included a "menu" (that I made using Canva) of all the info they would need to know and then filled them with glitter confetti.

 The dresses

I really had no idea what I wanted the bridesmaids to wear.  I went with Abbie and Amy to try try on a bunch of dresses in Ohio and then Hannah and I went out in DC.  I just couldn't find anything that was IT.  I couldn't even narrow down a color!  Eventually I settled on pale pink but couldn't decide which dress.  The ones I kept falling in love with were crazy expensive.  There was another problem too which is that my bridesmaids were spread out all across the country.  I kept seeing Weddington Way pop up in ads online, decided to check it out, and ended up loving it!  It's an online bridal store so all of the girls could use it. The prices were much better than the shops I had gone to.  I decided to pick a bunch of dresses in a variety of pale pinks and let the girls choose their own dress.  My sister wanted more of a lavender dress and that was fine with me too!  In my parents' wedding, my mom had pink bridesmaids dresses and her maid of honor was in lavender, so I appreciated that tie-in.  I think that the multiple shades turned out really beautifully and the different designs weren't so different that it distracted.  I kept them all long and flowy, so it's really only the neckline and top structure that differed.  I loved that all the girls could pick something they were comfortable in!  Using the site was fun because I could see when and which dress someone purchased.  It also allowed me to easily see who hadn't ordered yet and send them reminders.

For Kyle's man of honor tux, we decided last-minute to go with Men's Wearhouse and I think it perfectly complimented the bridesmaids dresses.

Since the dresses were long and you could barely see their shoes,  I just asked that they wore nude heels.  I didn't pick a specific shoe, but again let them pick what worked for each of them.

For jewelry, I gave them gold teardrop cubic zirconia earrings and let them choose the rest if they chose to wear anything else.

Their hair was all done back with a side braid, but there were variations in the styles.  For my maid and matron of honor, I bought pretty little white flowers to differentiate them.

You can see the earrings here too

Bridesmaids gifts

As I mentioned, I gave them earrings but I also wanted to give them something more substantial.  I took a long time researching ideas and gifts online, but couldn't find anything I loved. One day, I was shopping at Marshall's and found the most gorgeous and cute ring silver mirrored jewelry boxes.  I even found a more masculine black-velvet lined one for Kyle and a more antique larger one for Abbie that was totally her style.  Finally, I gave them antibacterial gels from Bath & Body Works in the scent "pink chiffon," because that's what their dresses were! On the day of the wedding, I also surprised them with satin robes to get ready in.


Mike, Bill's partner-in-crime ever since they worked together at Hooter's (yep, fun fact about my husband!)

Dominick, our (now) brother-in-law

Mike, Bill's college buddy

Bobby, Bill's childhood friend

Dave, my brother

Best man Mike, Bill's brother

Best man Dave, Bill's best friend

We thought it was really funny that the groomsmen were named Mike, Mike, Mike, Dave, Dave and then Bobby and Dom.

Ringbearers: Zaiden and Benton.  Zaiden is my cousin James' son and Benton is my cousin Sarah's son.

Ushers: my cousin Brad, Bill's cousin Clint and we asked my second cousin Aiden to be a junior usher to help the ringbearers.

How Bill asked his groomsmen:  called and/or texted.  End of story haha.  #men

Their attire

It was less of an issue for that men that they were all spread across the country, because most rental places like Men's Wearhouse are everywhere.  The problem was that we just couldn't find anything that we liked! I stumbled upon Generation Tux, which is similar to Weddington Way, but for men!  We picked out the most beautiful midnight blue tuxes with black satin lapels.  This website worked really well for everyone.  A couple guys had to return theirs for different sizes, but it wasn't a problem at all.  The company even reimburses you if you need to get it steamed (which we did for Bill's but not for any of the groomsmen).  They wore them with suspenders and we chose petal pink bowties and pocket squares to match the bridesmaids dresses. For Bill, we went with white bowtie and pocket square. We also used this site for the dad's tuxes; for them, we chose ties and pocket squares to match the moms dresses - silver for my dad and purple for Bill's dad.

We ended up ordering the ring bearer's tuxes from Amazon.  Can't even remember which ones we bought!

We just asked our ushers to wear a suit of their choosing.

Groomsmen gifts

Bill gave the groomsmen and our dads these awesome engraved mugs from David's Bridal.  Everyone really enjoyed them and I love seeing them being used when we are at their houses! He also got one for our house that says "Hagers, est. 9/4/16."  He also wrote out individualized thank you notes to give with the gifts.  Additionally, we bought the pocket squares for them as gifts.  They had to return the rest of the tux, but were able to keep the pocket squares as a memento.

*for more detailed information on our bridal party, visit our wedding website!


  1. I love that your grandma is best friends with Angie's grandmother! That's adorable!! I really liked the Weddington Way website. I got so many ideas on what to try on and what colors I liked from there. That's neat that your colors somewhat tied into your mom's!!

  2. I love the differently colored dress you went with, & it's so cute that you were a junior bridesmaid in the wedding of YOUR junior bridesmaids' parents! I went a little overboard on gifts for my bridesmaids, tbh, but I'm just having so much fun with it & want them to know how appreciative I am...

    1. I feel like I went a smidge overboard, just semi-affordably! I would definitely have gotten even more stuff if I'd had less bridesmaids.


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