Aug 19, 2017

Our Wedding: Decor and Flowers

As I've mentioned, our venue didn't need a ton of additions, but we did provide some personalized decor.

First, I loved the table arrangement we came up with.  We went back on forth trying to decide between head table or sweetheart table and in the end with did both!  We used two long tables on either side of a sweetheart table and I loved the result.

You can see the sweetheart table in the middle of the two long bridal party tables

I can't find any pictures of it, but to honor our loved ones who had passed away, we set up a table with pictures of all of our grandparents, great-grandparents, and friends who are no longer with us.  I printed a sweet quote and framed it. It said something like "forever in our hearts" and we lit a candle and put a single white rose in a vase on the table.

We also post framed engagement photos around the venue.

Here are some more of my favorite decor details:

The beautiful trees and flower arrangements were a gift of my aunt's friend!

The seating cards!  I made these myself! The sparkly strips were a mix of gold and white. 


This was in the middle of the appetizer table and was courtesy of the caterer

Instead of a seating chart, we used this! 

Ok, not really decor, but this was the very first wedding purchase I made and we used these forks for our meal!

On a last-minute whim, I brought this cross-stitch that my mom made ages ago and set it behind the cake table
For table numbers, we decided to bring in a bit of DC flair and used these numbers.  There were different DC landmarks such as the Capitol, White House and Washington Monument.

Photo credit

Now, for our flowers! I think that our flowers turned out absolutely gorgeous.

We used pink roses and baby's breath for the centerpieces.

Pure baby's breath with greenery for the girls' bouquets.

A variety of different arrangements of baby's breath and roses for boutonnieres.

White roses for Bill's boutonniere.

And finally, we have my bouquet!  I originally wanted a bouquet of daffodils and lilies of the valley, but neither of these were in season.  They were in season in Australia, but I guess it's really hard to ship daffodils and would have been very expensive.  We could have gotten lilies of the valley from way up north in Canada, but again, they are hard to ship.  I went back to square one and looked at bouquets in bridal magazines and on Pinterest and decided that if I couldn't have daffodils, then I wanted a giant, sprawling, wild bouquet with all kinds of flowers, and after many meetings with the florist, that's just what we designed!

My bouquet had the following flowers in it:

Lavender roses (bc they were in my mom's bouquet!), pink roses, white roses, white stock, pink heather, blue delphinium, gardenias, silk lily of the valley, ivy, greens, and baby's breath. I wanted the stems to be free (not in a plastic holder) and wrapped with pink ribbon.  The gardenias smelled soooo good and I just loved everything about it!


  1. I love all the details of your wedding! I really loved the twinkle lights in the venue in your black and white photos. It just looks magical!! Your flowers were gorgeous (but I bet heavy like mine, lol)!! I love your seating cards - I forgot about mine until the last minute so they didn't look nearly as pretty as yours - I wish I had done better on those!

    1. Dude the bouquet was so heavy, my arm hurt for days, HAHA! Thank you -- I really liked the seating charts and I suck at crafts/DIY so I was pretty impressed with myself.

  2. Ugh, this is all so gorgeous. I AM AFRAID MINE WILL BE TERRIBLE.

    1. Stop ittttt!!!! It's going to be perfectly YOU!! And it's not about the decor anyways. All that matters is you get MARRIED and have fun!


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