Aug 21, 2017

Our Wedding: Full bridal outfit details

It took me a long time to figure out just what I wanted to accentuate my dress with.  Part of it is that I have no vision, and since it wasn’t a dress that actually existed until it was finished, I had a tough time figuring out what would work, but eventually I figured it all out!


My mom also made my veil! I almost bought a $250 veil at a bridal salon, but it wasn’t even quite long enough and Mom kept saying she could do it for cheaper.  Well, she wasn’t kidding!! We bought the netting for the veil for about $7 at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Then we spent maybe $2 for some thread to lightly line the edges with.  She used one of my great-grandma’s bracelets to create a clip for the veil, and the whole veil turned out so perfect!


This was unbelievably hard for me!  I spent way too much time looking at pictures of brides online to look at their earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

I ended up getting these earrings and a necklace from Macy’s (not online anymore, and it was a total splurge that a gift card from my office may have helped with, with Bill’s blessing of course!).
I always knew that I wanted to wear a tennis bracelet.  I ended up wearing the one Bill gave me as a gift, which is this beauty.


First, there was the hair color trauma.  I had been deciding what color I wanted my hair to be.  I had had highlights for years, but thought maybe I should go my natural brown.  Eventually I decided on a natural brown with subtle caramel balayage  highlights.  I did research on the best colorists in DC and decide to splurge for the wedding.  Well, it went horribly.  I showed him the color on the top left and ended up with the yellow blonde hair on the top right.  He then "fixed" it and it was the horrible shade on the bottom.  It was a little traumatic seeing it was just 2-3 weeks before the wedding.  I reached out to friends on Facebook who suggested the amazing Nina at Bazzak in Old Town who color corrected my hair to the perfect color.  Color correction is ridiculously expensive, but it was worth it.


As for my actual hair style, really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my hair, so I let the stylist figure that out.  I did a hair trial and it looked like this:

I didn't hate it, but I wasn't in love with it.  He said I needed more hair, so I bought extensions and crossed my fingers he'd make it work on the day of and he did!  I knew I wanted to wear something sparkly.  I tried on a lot of headpieces at bridal shops in Ohio, DC and NYC but didn’t find anything that was it. Eventually I decided to take a gamble and bought one from Etsy.  It was perfection and I highly recommend this seller.  It was great quality and sparkled like a champ without looking fake.  Not my exact headpiece, but this is the closest I could find from the same seller.


Why this was such a tough decision for me, I’ll never know. No one, besides the groom, presumably, even sees the damn thing! I found a set that I loved on Etsy, but went back on forth on if I needed something so expensive.  In end, I decided that no, I didn’t NEED it, but I was going to get it anyway.  I saved money in a lot of other places and I just absolutely loved it.  It was even prettier in person!  Here’s a similar (may be exact). Pro tip: if you buy online, order a bit smaller than you measured yourself so that it didn’t slide down!


Man, did finding shoes ever give me a fit, but I found the most perfect pair of bridal shoes to ever exist.

First I thought I wanted a splash of color in my shoes, so I wanted to find some nice blush ones.  I bought and later returned these and these.  They were ok, but I wasn’t in love and they weren’t very comfy.

I found a pair at DSW that I almost but didn’t buy, and then went back, but they were totally sold out of my size at every store and online.

One night, I was clicking through David’s Bridal website when my eyes stumbled upon the most beautiful and way too expensive pair of bridal shoes.  They happened to have my size and I was just absolutely enamored.  I decided to splurge and then when came, I knew they were it!  I walked around in the house wearing them for about an hour.  I didn’t want to take them off, but I had to hurriedly hide them when Bill came home!  They ended up looking perfect with my dress and I don’t regret them for a minute!


This may be TMI, but it’s something I always wondered while I was wedding planning.  What do people wear under there??? I luckily didn’t have to wear a bra, because my mom was able to sew one right into the dress.  This made it sooo comfy! I found a cute but comfortable pair of “bride” underwear from Target.  Because my dress was so sturdy and so poofy, there was no need for a corset or spanx underneath and it was long, so no need for pantyhose.  So, all I had on under there was undies and my garter set!


I just love this little tradition.  Here's what I picked for each category;

Something OLD:  The buttons from my mom's wedding dress and sequins from my paternal grandma's wedding dress that were incorporated into my dress.

Something NEW:  My earrings/necklace/bracelet/hairpiece.

Something BORROWED:  It was supposed to be the little handbag that my grandma used in her wedding, but I forgot it, so my something borrowed was the ringbearer pillow that I borrowed from my Aunt Laurie and which was made out of fabric from my maternal grandma's wedding dress.

Ringbearer pillow made out of my maternal grandma's dress
Fun fact:  my mom made a second ring pillow out of Nanny's dress to mirror the one made out of Grammy's!

Something BLUE:  The morel mushroom patch I had sewn into the inside of my dress to honor our family tradition of mushroom hunting each spring.

... and a SIXPENCE for your shoe!  This is a tradition I learned about when Amy got married and she and her mom gave me one for my wedding.  It's cool bc it came in a little envelope that makes it easy to pass down to my future daughter/daughter in law.

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