Aug 15, 2017

Our wedding: Pictures/Cocktail Hour

Right after we got married, Bill and I headed into the “executive room” (where the boys hung out before the ceremony) for a few minutes of quiet time just the two of us.  It was so nice to just have a few minutes to chill with my husband in the midst of all the chaos. We just sat there for a few minutes and kept saying “we’re married!!”  We talked about Bill’s mom a little bit and just sort of relaxed and caught our breath. I originally read about this idea as being part of a Jewish tradition, but the intention of that quiet time is to pray and reflect.  While we didn't do that, it was a really nice break and I recommend it.

Once we felt ready to rejoin the group, we headed back into the hall for family pictures.  I didn’t want to spent too much time taking these, so our photographer moved through them really fast.  I am so glad to have these pictures, and I think some of these actually turned out hilarious. Sadly, my grandma Nanny wasn’t feeling too well, so she headed home after the pictures, but I’m so glad she was able to make the ceremony and pics.

Despite what the remainder of this post might seem like, I tried really hard to limit the pictures to my very favorites!  I tried to avoid turning this into a mass photo-dump, but there are just so many I love that it was hard to cut! 

One of the funnier pics.  We love Bill's dad in this one!

Bill's fam (minus Mom)

Our grandmas!

My fam!  We did take one without Kyle, but it felt incomplete!

With my parents


Dad!  This is another one that cracks us up

Bill's dad!


Next, the bridal party headed a few blocks away to a little park (Lock 9, if you’re familiar with Piqua) to take our pictures.  The walk was kind of fun; everyone was so happy from the ceremony (and/or happy that it was over) and excited to get the party started.  It was so hot out it was crazy.  I felt like we were walking through the desert!  Cars kept honking at us, which I loved!  I almost face-planted a few minutes into the walk and then had a death-grip on my brother or Bill's arms for the rest of the time.  Sofi and Grayson had to carry my skirt so I didn’t rip it on the sidewalk!

No, no I don't need help walking, why would you ask?  Two seconds later I almost bit it. 

Love Kyle strutting with my bouquet

First we took the group photos.

Best men! 
My brother!

Then we took the bridesmaids pictures. I'll post more of these in my post all about my bridesmaids.

Absolutely love how the different shades of pink turned out

Then, it was just me and Bill for our photoshoot.  Everyone headed to the cocktail hour except for my sister-in-law(!) and her then-fiance.  They were getting married a month later, so wanted to observe to see what it was like.  We felt like we were in a magazine shoot!  I kept thinking to myself I can’t believe we’re getting our wedding photos taken!! We took pics in various locations, my favorites being along the river (the same river runs through my back yard) and in the gazebo.  I have imagined taking wedding pics in the gazebo for my entire life!

Being silly

Love this pic showing the detailed back of my dress

By the time we were done with pictures, cocktail hour had wrapped up and everyone was getting seated for dinner.  I never even saw cocktail hour but I heard it was good!  We had lots of appetizers for everyone including lots of tasty cheese and crackers.

Next up: the reception


  1. Oh my God, I LOVE your photos, especially that one where your veil is blowing toward the camera. And your flowers are divine! I am so worried that all my stuff is going to turn out shitty...

  2. Not going to lie... I LOVE SO MANY OF THESE!! first I was like OMG I love the picture of you and your bridal party outside... but the formal shots outside are gorgeous too... and then I got to the pictures of you and Bill... but that black and white of you laughing is GORGEOUS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    1. Thank you! The formal pics of just the two of us are some of my favorite from the whole day.


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