Aug 16, 2017

Our wedding: Reception Part I

Finally, it was time to party!!

Our parents entered first, followed by the bridal party, ending with MOH Abbie and the two best men.  They entered to “Sirius,” which is the Chicago Bulls theme song.  I was a little unsure about the choice, recommended by our DJ, but it actually ended up being pretty cool.  The music builds excitement as it goes.

Next, it was our turn to make our “grand entrance!”  The venue has a balcony which is where we entered.  We were up there the whole time sneaking peeks through the door crack and when the DJ announced us “for the first time, as Mr. and Mrs. Hager,” we popped out onto the balcony to FloRida’s “My House.”  Everyone clapped and cheered and we gave them a kiss before leaving the balcony to enter (again) via the doors in the ballroom.

I realized upon sitting down that I had forgotten to make seating cards for all of the significant others of the bridal party!  I intended them to join us at the head table, so I just forgot to make cards for them!  They all found seats, but I was embarrassed.  I had the DJ announce that they should join us at the head table, and they did. Oops, haha.  I also realized that there were no candles lit in the table, so I quickly had Cindy fix that.

The reception started off with a welcome from my mom.  She did such a good job!  She wasn’t nervous at all and seemed totally at home talking to the room full of people.

After that, Bill’s dad said a blessing before the meal.

Then it was time for the speeches! First up was Abbie.  She did such a good job!  She had her speech memorized and it was funny and touching.  I remember listening to her and thinking man, she sure is grown up! I was very proud of her and so happy to have her as my MOH and sister. My dad said he did pretty good not crying for most of the wedding, but her speech really got to him.

Next up was Man of Honor Kyle.  His speech was really sweet and funny.  He told the saga of our friendship from a rocky start (how I used to chase him around the playground and torture him by painting nailpolish on his arms [?? kids…]) to becoming best friends. He used notecards and my brother helped flip them, which I thought was adorable.

Finally, my brother-in-law Mike gave a speech. Or should I say, attempted to haha.  He talked about how Bill used to beat kids up when they would make fun of Mike for being gay.  He talked about how was overprotective in the beginning of our relationship and didn’t like me, but then he grew to love me and then he just started crying and couldn’t talk anymore.  It made me feel loved and so glad to be a part of their family.

After the speeches, it was time to eat!  We got to get our food first which was awesome.  The food was served buffet-style, but it was still pretty fancy and the food was delicious.  We offered Sliced Marinated Beef au Jus with Whipped horseradish, Chicken Cordon Bleu with White Wine Sauce, Gourmet Mashed potatoes, Wine Sauced Green Beans with Bacon, Caesar Salad with choices of Caesar and Ranch dressing, White, Wheat, and Cheese Rolls with Whipped Butter, and vegetarian dishes upon request.  Everything was really good and we got lots of compliments on dinner, so I think we made good selections!

When Bill & I finished eating, we made the rounds from table to table, spending a little bit of time with everyone and thanking them for coming. It was such a fun part of the evening!  Eventually we realized we were taking too long at each table, so we split up in an effort to see everyone.  The last few tables got the short end of the stick as people were getting anxious for the party to start.  My aunts kept saying “wrap it up!” and eventually they sort of wrapped it up for us, and it was time to start the dancing!

We don't have any pictures of dinner!  Not a single one.  This is our one disappointment in our photography, but oh well.  Can't change the past!  I am grateful for our DJs because they posted a whole album, including the below of what ballroom looked like all set up for dinner:

Next up: part II!


  1. I love your balcony entrance!! That's so fun!! You do look like a princess for sure. OOPS on the placecards!

    1. Thank you. I totally took the "princess for a day" idea to heart!


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