Aug 17, 2017

Our wedding: Reception Part II (and wedding vendor list)

See the first half of our reception here.

We started things off with our first dance.  We chose “Stuck in this Moment” by Big & Rich.  The first time I heard this song back in college, I remember thinking how perfect it would be for a wedding song and then after I met Bill, I always imagined us when I heard the lyrics.  Thankfully, Bill agreed that it was the perfect first dance song! We didn’t do anything exciting while we danced and, watching the video, we actually barely moved at all, LOL.  I’ve always wondered what people talked about during their first dance, and in case you’ve wondered this too, that’s what we talked about.  We talked about how we always wondered what people talked about and we talked about how everyone was looking at us.

Once the first dance was over, it was time for the father-daughter dance.  We originally were going to do something funny, but as the day got closer, we both wanted to dance to a more serious song.  I tried to find something that wasn’t country in an effort to not have 2 country songs in a row, but in the end, Tim McGraw’s "My Little Girl" won out and it was the perfect song.  I was afraid I would cry but I actually barely did.  I don’t remember exactly what we talked about, but it was mostly funny.  He did tell me I looked beautiful and couldn’t believe it was my wedding day, but mostly we were just joking around as per usual. I know we talked a bit about how we wish Poppy could have been there, but we were so happy my great Aunt Jeanne could make it.  We talked literally the entire time, so I wish I could remember everything we talked about.

Dad walking out to meet me!

The mother-son dance was scheduled to be next to “I am Your Child” by Barry Manilow, but as you know, that sadly was unable to happen.  Instead, it was a sister-brother dance to “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor.  Halfway through the song, the DJ invited all of the family members up to dance (I danced with my brother), then later he asked everyone to join, and then it really got started!

These two *really* hit it off, if you know what I mean!  Wink wink. 

After that dance, the DJ asked everyone to gather on the dance floor for a photo.  The photographer and videographer went up to the balcony so they could get everyone in and it looked awesome!

Literally LOVE this pic soooo much

After that, it was a non-stop dance party!  Everyone danced, but any given time, there were at least 25 members of my mom’s side of the family on the dance floor.  They were party animals! We played a few polkas for mom’s side of the family and everyone got in on it!  Mom whisked me away for some polkas and she even grabbed Bill for one.  We had tried to practice several times before the wedding, but I never really quite got it.  I was good enough to fake it, though!

Mom whisked me away for a polka, "Who Stole the Kishka"

We did all of the classic line dances and some of the newer ones, which the teens knew, but I didn’t.  We played some classics like Journey and Madonna, and my aunts asked for “Brick House” so often that it got played about 3 times.  I made sure to play “Atomic Dog” for my dad.

Trying to do one of those teen dances and/or electric slide and I just gave up

At some point in the evening, people found us to cut the cake, which I had totally forgot about!  People gathered around and we cut it and then each fed each other a bit.  Everyone hooted and hollered, and some people boo’d because we didn’t do it at the same time and didn’t smash it on each other, but who knew you were supposed to do it at the same time?  Not me, haha.  The cake was delicious and after that, it was back to dancing!

We did the garter and bouquet toss.  I know that this is one of those things that a lot of people are doing away with for a variety of reasons, but we enjoyed keeping the tradition.  First was the bouquet toss.  I luckily remembered that I needed a toss bouquet about 3 days before the wedding, but our florist was already on it!  During the reception, it was sitting in the corner of the venue and I never even noticed it!  Someone brought it to me right before the bouquet toss, done to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce of course.  I tossed it from the balcony and the only person up there with me for it was the photographer.  I couldn’t hear the DJ at all who was doing a 3,2,1 countdown for me so I just randomly threw it and it went about 3 feet, haha!  It was a total fail toss so someone threw it back up to me and I tried again, again missing the countdown, but at least I got it to the group of girls that time!  My cousin Hayden’s girlfriend Mia caught it!

For the garter, they put a chair in the middle of the floor and Bill went all the way under my dress to get it.  With his teeth!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was shocked, haha.  He also accidentally grabbed the “keep” one instead of the “toss” one, so before he threw it, I had to awkwardly feel up my leg to grab the right one and then I ran up to come and switched them out, and even more awkwardly put the keep one back on.  He tossed it, but it didn’t go anywhere, so he also failed at his first attempt! He had to toss it again and that time, my cousin Hayden caught it.  He just snapped his hand up and caught it effortlessly! I couldn’t believe that Hayden and Mia bought caught them.  It’s totally a sign that they are going to get engaged!  They are still young, but I know it’s going to happen and they'.. have our wedding to thank. ;-)

Totally going to get married

The reception is mostly a blur in my mind of fun and dancing!  I mostly danced the whole time, doing line dances with my cousins and friends and slow dancing with Bill, but I also took a few breaks to sit at tables and chat with people, grabbed a few glasses of champagne from the bar room, peed a few times (which was not as hard as I anticipated, I must say), reapplied deodorant and perfume (this sticks out in my mind because I distinctly remember asked Bill if I needed to reapply and he actually said yes! I was like great, the beautiful bride that smells!  After that, I was neurotic about it!).

Amy and I did a dramatic rendition of “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” and we were weirdly the only people on the dance floor for it!  I'm sad there's no photos of this! My aunt and I also partook in some of our patented “interpretive dancing” until she got embarrassed about it. We bought a ton of glow sticks that someone broke out midway through and they were a huge hit!  I just love glow sticks.  We had wanted to do a sparkler sendoff, but it wasn’t feasible, and the glowsticks pretty much made up for it! The DJs also surprised us by setting up cool laser lights and disco-type lights.  We had no idea that they were going to do that! I had wanted to buy lights for the dance floor, but we decided it was out of the budget, so getting unexpected free lights was seriously awesome.

I felt like I was looking for Bill a lot of the reception, but realized we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, so didn’t let it bother me too much.  He was always palling around with his friends that he never gets to see and who knows what boys do (stand around outside smoking cigars, it turns out).

I had some fun times dancing with my sister and Angie and her sister, especially to Spice Girls.  At one point, I remember my Uncle Tony shooting across the floor on his knees, which was hilarious.  I danced with most of my uncles at some point and felt special that people wanted to “steal me away!”


Cousin Brad and Amy's sister Sara behind me

Interpretive dancing to Madonna

Dancing with some of my great aunts!

Thank you, DJs for the awesome lights!

The one mar in the evening was when the woman in charge of alcohol found me and Bill to tell us that they were either wrapping up early (9:30 when it was scheduled until 11) or we’d have to pay more money.  She wasn’t nice about it either.  She claimed that our guests “served themselves” before the reception started.  I was beyond mad.  I went off on her saying that it wasn’t our guests fault that no one was guarding their bar and that in fact, I was appalled that no one was there to make sure no one under 21 or people who shouldn’t even have been at the wedding were drinking! She ended up making me cry and then Cindy, the amazing venue coordinator took her outside and somehow, it was magically fixed and they served until the time agreed to in our contract (and in fact for a few minutes later).  Forever thankful to Cindy for so many reasons!

There are a few moments from the reception that really stand out in my mind.  One is the anniversary dance, in which all the married couples dance and the DJ calls out lengths of time people have been married and you sit down when it’s your turn.  Obviously we were the first to sit down.  It was so fun to see our married loves ones dancing.  The longest-married were bills Great Aunt Joan and Uncle Brad, who have been married for 65 years!  The DJ asked them for their marriage advice, which I am so sad that I can’t remember.  I think they may have said “laugh and never go to bed angry,” but I can’t quite recall.  It was so cool to see such a representation of a lifetime of love!

My parents in the anniversary dance.  I guess dad found the game distasteful, lol

Great Aunt Mary-Jane and Uncle Gerry were the second runners up in the anniversary dance

Married 65 years!

Getting advise from the winners!

Another moment that stands out was when I remembered I never showed my dad one of my surprises! Longtime readers will know that my dad’s side of the family are avid morel mushroom hunters.  Well, my “something blue” was a patch sewn into the inside of my dress with a blue morel on it!  Near the end of the night I was like “oh yeah, dad, look!” and flipped to the patch.  His face lit up and he said “What!!!?!” in disbelief!  He loved it! I didn’t expect such a good reaction and I’ll never forget that moment.

As the evening wound down, some people left early, but quite a few stayed til the very end.  My cousin Brad was three sheets to the wind and was crying all over me, which was both hilarious and touching, but mostly and led me to look at people saying help meee. Then, his dad, my Uncle Ned danced with me and also cried because he was so proud!  It was clear that enough alcohol had been served, haha.

Finally, the DJ announced that it was really the last dance and Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” started playing.  He asked Bill and I to get in the middle of the dance floor and asked everyone to form a circle around us.  I had no idea that he was going to do this and it was hands-down one of the coolest parts of our entire wedding day. We looked around and felt so loved to be surrounded by all of our friends and family from all aspects of our lives; both of our families including great aunts and some second cousins, childhood friends, college friends, law school friends, DC friends and family friends. So many people stayed to the end and it was just so indescribably cool to see everyone there, singing and swaying while we just spun around in the middle looking at everyone.  We could really feel the love and warmth in the air and I never wanted it to end!

Best ending we could have imagined

Eventually, it was really over and it was time to start cleaning up. The shuttle to the hotel made its last departure and everyone said their goodbyes.

Wedding Vendor List

I wholeheartedly recommend all of our vendors!

Venue: Fort Piqua Plaza
Catering: Mrs. B’s
Photographers: Mike+Jamie Photography, formerly Breath of Life
Videographer: Jacob Bremer Media
DJs: SK Music
Cake: Meg Cobb Creations
Flowers: Allisten Manor’s Flower Box
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Generation Tux
Bridesmaids Attire: Weddington Way
Man of Honor Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Transportation: Shindig Travel Services

Up next:  our wedding night (oh, la la…)


  1. Oh my. You made me cry by the end. Love it!! Love that your coordinator sorted that nonsense out (is the bartender serious?! Ugh.); that's the best kind of person to have!! We did the picture on the dance floor too - I love it so much!! The picture of you and your dad laughing is so great, too. Love that moment.

  2. Awww thank you! (PS sorry if you're getting bombarded by reply emails! Clearly just catching up on comments :) )


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