Sep 10, 2017

Anniversary Trip to Charleston, Part II

A pretty alley we walked through

Monday was our first anniversary!  I can't believe that we had been married for a fully year already. So wild.  We slept in again, hehe.  Bill dashed down for breakfast but I kept sleeping and he brought me a yogurt and then we slept even more!  We didn't head out until 1:00, but we didn't care.  We were both really tired and we had that nice suite to enjoy.

 We went to Poogan's Smokehouse again for lunch.  This time we split the smokehouse salad and added pulled pork and tried their buffalo pork rinds.  It was delicious.  The real reason we went back there was so that I could get more boiled peanuts.  Yum!

We spent the rest of the day hitting the shops on King Street that we didn't get to on Saturday.  The highlight for me was a honey store.  We got to try about 20 different types of honey and I selected 3 to buy.  My favorite was the whipped cinnamon honey.  Bill's favorite store was a men's clothing store called Dumas.  He got a hilarious pair of seersucker shorts with fish and tacos on them.  So random!

This was the only day of the trip that we made it back to the hotel in time for their nightly complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres happy hour.  They had some really good cheese and crackers plus fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.  They also had delicious sweet tea and lemonade.  We tried not to fill up because we were looking forward to a great dinner.

The highlight of our day/trip was our anniversary dinner at Hall's Chophouse.  They gave us the royal treatment! We shared an onion soup and burrata cheese and tomato salad for starters.  They brought us out glasses of champagne for our anniversary. I didn't have the heart to tell them I was pregnant, partially because it was so nice and partly because I was being naughty and ordered a medium steak so I didn't want to be judged, which means that Bill drank both of the glasses, haha.  For dinner, I got the grass-fed filet and mashed potatoes.  Bill got the bone-in ribeye with loaded potatoes.  I just have to say, WOW.  The steak was really, really good. We were too stuffed for dessert, but as a final anniversary treat, they sent us home with a slice of key lime pie on the house.  We ate it later that night and it was scrumptious.

Sorry these pics are so dark!

Being silly 
One year of wearing these rings!

We took an Uber back to the hotel and just spent the rest of the night reminiscing about our wedding and the past year.

We woke up on our last day, had our last breakfast at the inn, checked out and then headed out for our final hours!

One thing I really wanted to do was see the pineapple fountain, so we walked over to Waterfront Park. It was hot out.  Oppressively hot.  We finally saw the pineapple fountain it was just as cool as I expected.  I don't know why the fact that it's a pineapple makes it so cool to me, but I really liked that fountain.  We then meandered through a beautiful tree-lined promenade and ended up at Rainbow Row, which is a row of pretty pastel homes.

I was feeling really hot and weak at this point, so we decided to get a snack and we just happened to be near Poogan's Smokehouse again so we stopped in for the 3rd day in a row for boiled peanuts and a drink.  They had really good bottled rootbeer.  The waitresses and hostesses recognized us which was a tad embarrassing, but oh well!  That place is delish!

Figured I photographed the first two bowls of these, so why stop there?
Once we were cooled off and full, we shopped the markets and much to my delight, we discovered a series of indoor markets! We picked up some last souvenirs.  Everything was really crowded this day because a cruise ship had stopped in Charleston on their cruise and the city was overrun with tourists! We grabbed lunch at Tbonz, which was fun but I don't recommend it; there are much better and more unique places to eat. Our final stop was a candy store so that I could stock up on candy and salt water taffy.

It was just too hot to enjoy being outside, so we meandered back to hotel early. We explored the areas  of the inn we hadn't seen before (roof, 3rd floor, etc.), checking out the artwork and other cool decor  and then we headed to to the airport early.

Our flight departed at 6:50 and we got there around 3:30.  I worked on the blog and Bill played games on his iPad.  All was going well until we started hearing about the thunderstorms up north.  Slowly, each north-bound flight got delayed our canceled.  Ours was unaffected or so we thought.  We boarded the flight and then just sat there... and sat there.. and sat a bit more.  Finally, the captain came over the speaker and said that there was a ground stop in DC because of the storms, so we couldn't take off and that he would update us in an hour.  I was already so uncomfortable that an hour felt unbearable.  My back was killing me but I rolled up my sweater and put it behind me so that helped a bit.  Luckily, we were flying JetBlue so we had cable and I was able to catch some episodes of River Monsters and Dance Moms.  An hour came and went and the captain came back on and told us that we were going to deplane because there was still a ground stop.  So we slowly deplaned.  It felt amazing to walk around and be off of the plane!! We grabbed a pizza and soon after we were done eating, it was time to get back on the plane.  This time, we took off pretty much right away and got into DC 3 hours after we were supposed to.  I'm just glad we got home at all.

In summary, we had a great first anniversary trip.  I'm glad we got to go to Charleston and I pray that it doesn't get hit terribly by the hurricane.  Everyone we met there was so nice and there's so much history in the city.  I don't however, recommend going when you're 5 months pregnant in the heat of the summer. For some reason, I imagined cool fall weather with an ocean breeze and that's just not what you're going to be there at the end of summer!

It was a weird feeling knowing that this was the first, last and only wedding anniversary without kids! Spending 4 full days together was really special way to spend our time and I hope it's a tradition that we will keep up.

Thanks for reading our trip recap!  Have you ever been to Charleston?  What did you think?  If you have any questions about planning a trip there, let me know!


  1. Hahaha, I love that you went to the same place three times for those weird peanuts.

  2. Sounds like a great anniversary trip! Reading about the steak made me crave one!!


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