Sep 1, 2017

Our Honeymoon: Days 4-5 // Goodbye Kauai, Hello Maui!

On Thursday morning, we packed up, left, and headed to the airport to return our car and catch our flight.  I bought some postcards, which I filled out on the plane, but never mailed, whomp whomp. Our flight was delayed a bit and I was dying of heat since most of the airport is outside, so we sought solace at a bar and had a couple of drinks.  I got a fabulous bloody mary.  We made friends with the waitress who ended up giving us a photograph that she took! Eventually, we boarded the flight and watched Kauai fade from view.  I was pretty sad because I loved our time there.  We flew Hawaiian Air, which was kind of fun.  We saw several islands on our flight, including Oahu. After we landed, we picked up our rental and splurged on a Mustang convertible (!).

We were starving, so we decided to grab lunch.  We kept seeing signs for Ruby Tuesday, offering “the best garden salad bar on the island.”  We should have known better, but we were tempted and so we stopped in.  The restaurant was awful -- the seats were ripped, the salad was wilted and it took us forever just to get our waters.  We decided to leave and headed across the street for Outback.  Very Hawaiian meal, haha.  It did the job though and then we headed to our resort, the Wailea Marriott.  Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we were given free drinks at one of the bars.  I got a lava and Bill got a “Tropical Itch,” a rum-filled drink that became a favorite of his throughout the week.  

Finally our room was ready. We got to our room, and it was really, really nice and fancy.  It also had a lovely view of… the dumpsters.  I knew that we were going to be in an area that was under construction, but I had hoped for a better view.  At first, I was weirdly upset about how nice the resort was; Kauai was so laidback and we had such a good time there that I just wasn't quite prepared for the lavish Maui resort!

We decided to take a walk to the beach to check out the resort and beach. Bill decided to swim in the ocean for a bit.  

We saw some cool hammocks that we intended to return to later, but never did.  We checked out the 2(!) pools at the hotel. Bill took a swim in the serenity pool while I waded.  

On our way back to the hotel, we saw an adorable couple from Japan petting a cat.  They were enamored with it.  It made me miss Pumpkin, and really lifted my mood. We got back to our room to find that the hotel had brought us a complimentary bottle of champagne for our honeymoon!  Bill popped it and almost got killed when the cork popped out as he was taking off the metal netting, but it narrowly missed his eye. After drinking the champs and resting a bit, we headed out for dinner.  We were in the mood for pizza, so we walked to Manoli’s.  It was actually amazing and was the perfect way to end our first day in Maui.
Shaking hands with a manatee on our walk back from dinner

Honeymoon Day 5: Relaxing and the luau!

We woke up in good spirits on on Friday, our first full day in Maui.  We took a walk in the morning and it was as if I was seeing the grounds for the first time.  I couldn’t get over the lush greenery in the resort.  It looked like something out of a movie!

For an early lunch, we shopped in the mall nearby and then ventured to a little grocery store that became our best find in all of Maui! It was called Island Gourmet and had the best food. We got giyoza, a wrap and some sweet boiled peanuts.  We ended up eating at least one of our meals every single day here!  So good! We heard a bit of thunder, so we quickly dashed back to the hotel and ate in bed.  

After lunch, the sun was back out, so we headed to the pool. We sunscreened up, set up our chairs and it promptly started raining.  It wasn’t storming though, so we decided to get into the hot tub.  We made some friends in there and we drank $60 worth of lava flows and tropical itches.  

Eventually it started pouring and I was freezing, so we went back to the room, watched The First 48 and then took a delightful nap until it was time to get ready.

That evening, we headed to the hotel’s luau, Te Amo Ano! It wasn’t truly authentic, because it was held inside because of the rain and they couldn’t cook the pig underground because of the construction, but it was still a can’t-miss Hawaii activity that I’m glad we didn’t miss.   The luau was a gift from family friends. We were given leis, got our picture taken, and were then showed to our table. An open bar was included so we grab some pina coladas right away.  

We made friends with another honeymooning couple. The food was a buffet and it wasn’t the best food ever, but it was pretty good.  My favorites were the desserts and pickled veggies.  There were some activities (mostly for the kids) like making a bookmark, which I did but have since lost. The performances themselves were cheesy, but cool.  Our favorite parts were when the emcee sang the wedding song and when one of the performers hacked up a coconut.  The best part of the luau actually occurred after the luau was finished.  We headed outside and some of the performers put on a phenomenal fire show! They spun sticks with fire, did all sorts of fire dancing, and lit the ground on fire.  Bill was absolutely enamored with it.  I’ve never seen anything like it!! It really was a neat ending to the night.  When it was all over with, we were exhausted and headed back to the room for the night.

Not my picture


  1. Maui looks so gorgeous!! It's definitely on my list! I had to lol about the champagne cork... because seriously?! #honeymoonprobs!! ;)

    1. Right? LOL. Maui was really pretty. At some point, I want to go to ALL of the islands!


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