Sep 3, 2017

Our Honeymoon: Days 8-10 // The final days

Day 8: Relaxing
On Monday, our last real day in Maui, we decided to finally just take it easy and relax! We read books by the infinity pool.  I smashed my finger in the chair as I tried to recline it more and embarrassingly cried on the pool deck.  I was sure it was broken but it eventually felt better.  Mostly, I was embarrassed! We read for a couple hours and swam in the pool.  We asked people to take a few pictures of us  We walked along the beach and I even swam in the ocean for a bit with Bill.

It started to rain, so headed back to nap.  Bill went to the market and surprised me with a delicious poke bowl.  I had one other poke bowl from them -- you order from a counter (like a deli) and they had all kinds of different flavors and fish.  I stuck with tuna, but tried a variety of flavors.  Yum! Later on, we headed to the mall to buy some souvenirs.  I can’t remember everything I got, but I got a cool whale mug for my sister, little wine glass charms for my mom, shortbread cookies for my grandma, a Christmas ornament for us, a Hawaii sign for myself, and a Christmas gift for my brother: an authentic replication of Tom Selleck’s Hawaiian shirt in Magnum, PI.  That kid loves Hawaiian shirts and he loves that show.  It was ridiculously expensive, but great quality and he absolutely loved it.  Bill got stuff for all of his family, too.

We spent some time trying to find a good place for dinner and ended up saying you know what?? Let’s just go somewhere we know and we ate at Ruth’s Chris.  Our waiter, named Chris (at Ruth’s Chris), was awesome and it was the best dinner we had during our whole trip!  We spent a stupid amount of money on steak, but it was so worth it.

Day 9: Goodbye, Hawaii

The next day, we woke up and packed.  We went on one last souvenir run to the ABC Store and Island Gourmet; I got chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and chocolate bars for everyone, cigars and rum for my dad, coffee for my parents, postcards, and a few other things.  We were able to exchange all of the points we had earned by shopping there for some souvs, including a Hawaii mug that has come to be my favorite souvenir that I bought myself.  

We sadly checked out of the hotel.  I got one last glass of their fruit-infused water (not as good as the water at our hotel in Kauai, but it was good), we took one last walk around the grounds, I smelled the wild hibiscus for the last time, and we packed up the car.  Bill wanted to check out a swap meet (sort of like a flea market) that he’d read about. On the way, I exclaimed in a panicked horror that we never drank out of a coconut!! We stopped at the first roadside shop that we found and picked out a coconut.  The coconut man opened it up for us and we drank the water from it.  Yum!  Then, he hacked it open so that we could eat the fresh meat.  I loved it!  Bill didn’t like it quite so much.  

We made a quick buzz by the swap meet.  Bill bought a carved wooden mask for us and one for his dad and brother-in-law. We bought a bunch of Hawaiian shirts for all of the men in our family.  I accidentally offended the man selling shirts because I wanted to make sure they were new and not used, apparently a major faux pas to ask! After this, we had to head to the airport and we got there just in time!

Our first flight was Maui - L.A.  It was a long flight, and I didn’t sleep very much even though I was tired.  It was around 10pm California time when we arrived in L.A. We grabbed dinner and passed the time until our flight left at 1am.

Day 10: Travel home

I could not get comfortable on our flight from L.A. to Charlotte, which was almost as long as the flight from Maui, so I didn’t much sleep.  When we landed at 9am Charlotte time, I’ve never been so tired in my entire life.  I laid my little travel blanket on the floor and promptly fell asleep, right on the airport floor! Bill woke me up when it was time to board our flight to Dayton.  What a great husband!

We had to fly back to Dayton because Costco could only get us travel deals if we did a round trip flight.  We had a few hours layover, so my parents picked us up at the airport and then we went to Olive Garden with my whole family.  We showed them all of our pictures and told them all about our trip!  After dinner, they took us back to the airport, and we flew home to DC! We Ubered home and then slept for what felt like 2 days!

Hawaii was a wonderful place to honeymoon and I think we packed in just about as much as we could!  I will always treasure the memories we made there. I’m dying to head back to Hawaii, especially Kauai. A few people have commented that we were crazy for leaving right after the wedding, but I am glad we went that route.  I was feeling pretty sad that the wedding was over, but being whisked away to paradise helped a lot.  If we had stayed in Ohio for a day or two more, we would have had to say a longer goodbye to every single family member and friend that was in town for our wedding.  It would have just prolonged the sadness, and I also think there’s something to be said for getting married one day and being on a remote tropical island the next!  

I hope that you enjoyed our honeymoon recap.  If you have any questions about planning a honeymoon or trip to Kauai or Maui, feel free to reach out!  


  1. That steak does look amazing!! My mom and I definitely ended up at Morton's in Shanghai on our last night, too... lol. That's a whole different story, haha. Did you try the chocolate toffee covered macadamias? THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE. They are worth two terrible flights (plus one more)... I promise! Haha. I love that you took off right after - we did a mini moon right after and it's one of my regrets that we didn't do our honeymoon immediately after. There was just something really different right after we got married - it was really special!

    1. I didn't try the toffee! I guess that's just another reason to return! ;-)


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