Nov 3, 2017

Five on Friday

Oh hello there.  I didn't mean to disappear for the entire month of October.  I've been wanting to sit down and blog but haven't found the time or I've been so tired at the end of the day that I never get around to it ("I have one of those," Bill's grandpa would have said.  Get it, a round 'to-it'?) While I want to get some long posts up, I thought a good way to ease back into it was with a Five on Friday linkup post.  Haven't done one of these in a long time! 

.: 1 :.

Today is the last day of being 29 weeks pregnant.  I can't believe that I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow!!  Only 10 weeks left until my due date.  Crazy.  In the beginning, things went so slowly and now I feel like time is flying.  I've been feeling pretty good most of the time lately.  I was really tired the past couple of weeks, but the doctor discovered I was anemic and put me on iron supplements.  I've really spruced up since starting those (though the first brand I took killed my stomach).  Last week I had to go back in for the 3-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.  It was not fun getting blood taken so many times, but the results came back fine!  So thankful for that.  I truly intend to sit down and blog about pregnancy so far.  That's one of my goals for this week. 

.: 2 :.

In some fairly big news, we are in contract on a house and we are set to close a week from yesterday!  We want to move in quickly, so we booked movers for a week from today.  We are so excited about the house.  It's in an adorable little suburb not too far from Capitol Hill.  The house is a split level with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, dining room, family room, kitchen (obviously), den, rec room, laudnry room and mud room! It has a cute backyard and a decent front yard with a driveway.  It's on a quiet cul-de-sac and I just am so excited to start our little suburban life.  Of course we will still be commuting into the city each day, but it's going to be so nice to come home to more space and peaceful quiet.  I can't wait to get started on the nursery. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy, but then hopefully things will settle down and we can just have a calm last month before the baby comes. 

.: 3 :.

We had a pretty big scare with Pumpkin over the last couple of weeks.  He was acting out of sorts and then rapidly declined.  He was extremely lethargic, wasn't eating very much, showed zero interest in anything, his meow was weak and warbled, and we knew something was really wrong.  I took him to the vet (which was traumatic for both me and the cat and probably the vet too) and they determined that he had pretty significant fluid in his lungs due to his heart failure.  We started treating him with Lasix meds but he didn't get any better.  The doctor had us increase the dosage.  We had to force the pills down his throat.  He didn't seem to get any better and we had to start thinking about when we would make the decision to put him down.  It was awful and I spent a good deal of each night crying and petting him.  I kept googling sad stories about cats with his condition.  Then, slowly and then more quickly, he started to act like his old self.  He seems to be acting really healthy right now.  He's eating, meowing, jumping up on things, playing with toys, nipping at my ankles and begging for food constantly.  I don't know if it's temporary or if he's really getting better, but we are just so thankful that he's feeling better and we are trying to take advantage of every day that we have with him.  

Feeling better!

.: 4 :.
In less serious news, holiday drinks are back at Starbucks!! On Wednesday morning, Amy texted me 2 screenshots from her Timehop from 2 different years of the red cups and said "is it true this year too?"  I couldn't believe it could be but I was so excited with the prospect! As I got on the metro, I saw a girl carrying one and texted her that it was true!  After I got off the metro, I went immediately to Starbucks and got a gingerbread latte.  YUM!! It's been almost a year since one of those graced my lips.  Delish. I got one yesterday too and today I got a white peppermint mocha.  I need to get an eggnog and chestnut praline and then I can take a chill pill on them for awhile.  I just absolutely love the holiday drinks!  On another note, I'm getting annoyed with the bad looks people give me when I order caffeine.  It's perfectly safe to have up to 200 mg of caffeine per day and the talls only have 75mg.  Grr.  You'd think baristas at Starbucks would know.  In any event, I'm going to continue to enjoy them throughout the holiday season!

.: 5 :.

I've been catching up on my shows.  One of these shows is Real Housewives of OC and I have an announcement:  I officially like Kelly.  She used to bug me so much but now she's actually my favorite.  Of all the girls, I think she's the one I'd be most likely to actually be friends with.  I'm still confused and coming to terms with my sudden fondness for her! Thoughts on Kelly?  Anyone you're liking more or less this year?

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad Pumpkin is OK! And you are SUCH A CUTE PREGNANT LADYYY.


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