Dec 8, 2017

Five on Friday

Oh hey all, Amanda here!  Thought I'd drop another Five on Friday so you know I'm still alive. My computer's about to die so I'll come back to proofread and add pics tomorrow!

.: 1 :.

Still alive and still pregnant! Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it.  Morning sickness has returned as have some food aversions.  I have a lot of aches and pains, but I know that each day we are closer to meeting our baby girl AND I'm trying to embrace the last few weeks that it's just Bill and me.

.: 2 :.

We went home to my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  It was a long drive there and back but was so good to see family!  We had a delicious meal and played cards afterward.  The day after Thanksgiving, my sister and I went Black Friday shopping and I got lots of clothes for the baby, as well as a couple of things for me. Later that day, we chopped down their Christmas tree!  On that Saturday, my mom threw me another baby shower!  It was great to catch up with friends and family.  We felt very loved. It was a little bittersweet to know that it was the last time I would be in my childhood home and the last time I'd see my family before I become a mother.

.: 3 :.

Since I last posted, we moved into our very own house!  The actual move went pretty well, but it's been a whirlwind of events since then.  We packed up early and efficiently.  The movers showed up on time and finished early. It took a big longer to unpack, however. Once we did, we realized how little furniture and belongings we actually have!  The house was simultaneously messy and empty.  We made a trip to Ikea and got a dresser, entertainment center, medicine cabinets, and more, which filled out the house a little bit.  The next weekend, Bill and his dad made a trip down to Florida and drove back up with some furniture that his grandparents were kind enough to give us.  They gave us a (very comfy!) couch, beautiful dining room table and even more beautiful china cabinet.  The week after that was Thanksgiving and the week after that was last weekend. Bill's parents were in town and his dad helped us to put together some of the Ikea furniture and baby items. On Saturday, my friends threw us a DC shower (yes I know we are so lucky to have had 3 showers!  It goes with living away from home!) at our house and we had our housewarming immediately following that.  So many people from different aspects of our DC lives showed up and it was so fun!  Prepping for the shower was extremely stressful, but I'm glad we had the party.

.: 4 :.

The aforementioned Ikea furniture has worked me into a little bit of a tizzy.  I built the Ikea dresser myself and didn't really notice any smell at the time, but I set the drawers in the nursery for a few days until I had time to finish building them.  When I went into the nursery, I couldn't believe the smell!  It smelled horrible to me like chemicals/fish/paint.  Bill didn't smell it but just said it smelled like "wood."  Well, I googled it and it turns out, Ikea furniture is made out of pressed wood which is put together with formaldehyde and new furniture "off gasses" VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for up to 5 years!  Apparently Ikea furniture is some of the lesser toxic ones out there.  Some furniture can contain up to 300 VOCs! These VOCs can cause development disorders and/or asthma in children and can cause headaches or other issues in adults.  I was pretty disgusted to learn this and since then I've been researching all of the baby items we've already bought or received.  I decided to return the Ikea dresser we got for the baby's room and bought one that is less toxic instead.  I went down a real rabbit-hole of learning about how everything is toxic. Seriously, basically everything is some level of bad.  I realized it would be impossible to avoid everything that contains toxins, so I'm trying to choose less-toxic items for the things the baby will be in most contact with, but I'm not going to go crazy.  It's really easy for me to get obsessed with things like this so I stopped googling and I'm trying to just make a few smart choices.

.: 5 :.

In direct contrast to my concern about toxicity, last weekend was the annual candle day sale at Bath and Body Works!  This is one of my favorite shopping days of the year, as I absolutely love their candles.  It only happens but once a year and the candles go on sale for the lowest price (though it seems to be rising each year).  This year they were $8.95.  It was the day of the party.  I initially planned to go in the morning, but there was too much work to be done and I didn't feel very good, so I decided to shop online.  Well, you couldn't use coupons online so I made the decision to just not buy any.  I thought about the stupid candles all day long!  My friend V also loves them and she was telling me how she bought 15 online. After the party was over, but a few stragglers were left, I decided to hop online and just buy some, despite not being able to use a coupon.  Much to my dismay, they were SOLD OUT online!  An hour later, I still couldn't stop thinking about the candles.  I called the store closest to us to see if they still had any and they said yes, tons.  It was 8:20 and the store closed at 9.  I quickly gathered my things, hopped in the car and jetted to the mall, right in the middle of what was left of our party.  The store had a huge selection and I made fast work of picking out my choices.  There were all kinds to choose from.  In the end, I walked away with 12 candles and a body cream for $80.  The scents I got are: 2 pink petal teacakes, 2 vanilla snowflakes ("Mazel tov"), peppermint rosemary, frozen lake, fresh balsam, luck, peppermint marshmallow ("Dear Santa, I just want a Unicorn"), hot cocoa and cream, snow mountain lodge, and sweater weather.

and a bonus .: 6 :.

I turned 32 last Sunday!

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