A week in Ohio

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 4:26 PM
*posted months later on 10/28 but backdated, never added pics*

I'm back with another trip recap! Haddie and I flew to Ohio last week for my family's annual mushroom hunt (for new readers, my family "hunts" for morel mushrooms every spring) and so that she could meet my grandma.

I was a little more nervous traveling solo with her than I was when Bill was with me, but it turned out to be just fine.  It was a little difficult juggling all of our stuff, but she was truly a perfect angel.

Over the course of the trip, we hung out with family, spent a day with Uncle Kyle (we are not big on calling non-family members aunt or uncle, but Kyle is so close to our family that we have decided to call him Uncle), got my hair cut and colored (for the low price of $85!  A haircut alone "starts" at $85 here in DC!), visited the cemetery to see my family members' graves, played some Keno, played games, and more.

Thursday was the "Big Hunt."  We went to 2 different woods and barely found 20.  I didn't even find a single one!  All I found was the stump of one.  We are used to finding hundreds, so this was a major bust.  It was fun anyway, though! Mom babysat Haddie while the rest of us went on the hunt.  She seemed to have a good time!  I couldn't really totally relax the whole time that I was away from her, even though I knew she was in good hands.  I kept hoping she was being good for Mom and it turns out that she mostly was!

Friday happened to be my mom's birthday so we celebrated that in the evening. I was so excited to surprise her with one of her favorite dishes, seven layer salad, but it didn't turn out very good.  I used iceberg instead of romaine because of the e.coli scare, I forgot cashews, and I used way too much mayo.  Oh well.  The spice cake I made also was a fail.  For some reason, when you cut into it, it just dissolved into a little pile of cake dust.  Oh well again! I tried.  I think she liked her presents. My fave that I gave her was a nightgown. Haddie gave her a book called "How to Babysit a Grandma." She enjoyed this funny dog wine holder.

One of the best moments of the trip (and my life, truly) was introducing Haddie to Nanny (my grandma).  She is losing her eyesight and really wanted to meet her while she can still see, so I'm really glad that we made the trip.  She called Haddie her "little buttercup."  We spent lots of time chatting on her porch and taking short walks.

Haddie also got to meet my aunt Kate, cousin Emmy and my cousin James and his family drove over one evening to meet her.

I was so sad to leave and really wish that we lived closer to home.

Our flight back to DC was terrible -- it was soooo incredibly hot.  Think 85 easy.  Haddie was overheated and fussy.  An angel of a passenger sat next to us.  She helped me out a few times and fanned us throughout the trip.  I am going to complain to the airline because it was really awful. (Update: I complained and got a whopping $50 towards a future flight...)

A short trip to Florida

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 4:24 PM
*posted months later on 10/26, but backdated -- never got around to adding pics*

Last month, we traveled to St. Pete Beach and Tampa for our friend Shawna's wedding. We flew down 2 days early to make a mini-vacation of it.  I wasn't too nervous about the flight since Haddie is a pretty mild-mannered baby and my suspicions were right! She was such an angel on the flight.  We had a bit of a first-time parents moment when we were trying to board the plane, though.  I bought bags to protect the stroller and car seat, but the stroller one didn't fit.  Haddie was screaming in her Ergo carrier and I was fumbling with the diaper bag and carseat while Bill was trying to get the stroller in.  It was a disaster, but eventually we just gave up on the stroller and checked it without a bag -- it turned out fine.

We headed to the car rental to pick up our car and... we didn't fit!  We were too tall! Minivans were the same price, so we rented one of those and it was actually amazing to have so much room. We later had to get the van replaced because it wouldn't lock, but that was a frustrating story that's not even worth telling. We headed to the hotel where the wedding was to be held which was a cute surfing-themed beachside inn.  I felt like Goldilocks when we checked in.  Our first room smelled like dog and bleach, our second room smelled like varnish, and our third room was juuuuust right.  I felt like such an irritant, but there was no way I was letting my tiny baby inhale potentially dangerous fumes!

Once we were all checked in and set up, we grabbed a quick lunch at a little pub where I got a surprisingly good quinoa bowl.  Then we headed to the beach for a walk along the beach. Every time the wind blew on her face, it took Haddie's breath away which was cute for a few times but I started to get nervous it was bad for her so we covered her up.  It was fun to show her the ocean for the first time!  After our walk, we chilled in the room while Haddie napped and then headed to dinner.  We went to Snapper's. Haddie was a little fussy so I ended up nursing her during dinner, was a first for me.  Our food was good but I can't even remember what I got! We called it a night early and got some sleep.

The next day, I headed down to the beach for an hour or so to catch some sun.  I wore a two-piece but my body is not quite ready for that!  I read my book and soaked up some rays and got in the water a few times -- it was really nice!  We had lunch and then we went down to the beach as a family.  Haddie was not a fan of the water, nor was she a fan of laying in the little beach tent that we got her. She enjoyed being held while we stood in the water, though, so that worked for us! We took some cute family pics by the water and then I took a sweet one of her with Bill.  I asked him to take one of me and her and she promptly spit up all over me.  I will spare you the photo, but it was hilarious and so fitting because of course dad gets the cute photo, lol.  That night we had a pre-party before the wedding.  We made a brief appearance because Haddie got tired, plus I don't like to stay up too late these days.

In the morning, we checked out of the hotel (even though that's where the wedding was later that day) and drove to Tampa to my second-cousins Bill & Gail's house so that we could leave Haddie with them.  Their son and his wife and baby were there as well and my second-cousins Marty & Tom also drove up from Ft. Myers to meet her!  She had quite a team watching her so even though we were nervous to leave her for the first time, we knew that she was in good hands. We had a cookout for lunch and hung out with everyone until it was time to get ready for the wedding and we went back to the hotel.

The wedding was outside and it was gorgeous! Everything took place outside -- the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and the reception!  I've never been to a totally outdoors wedding and I really enjoyed it.  We were seated at a table with mostly other young parents, but also some people from Dayton (Shawna used to be stationed at Wright-Patt).  We had a really nice time, but called it a night early because we were dying to get back to Haddie! We came home to a happy spoiled baby and were able to catch up with the fam before going to bed.

We were supposed to go to visit Bill's grandparents on Sunday, but they weren't up for it which meant that we had the whole day to hang out with  my family in Tampa.  We walked along the bay, did laundry, took a nap during a thunderstorm (there were actually tornado warnings which was kind of crazy for Florida), cooked some pizza, and headed to the airport early only to find that our flight was delayed.

We experienced a lot of turbulence on our flight home, so it wasn't as good as Haddie's first flight.  I was pretty queasy so I can't imagine that she felt great. It was the bumpiest flight Bill had ever had.  I was glad when we landed safely!

And that's a wrap on our first trip with baby!