Jul 3, 2018

Summer slowdown

I looked outside tonight - its nearly 9pm and it's still light out. I noticed fireflies in the trees. It felt like 105 today and so we stayed inside most of the day, just as we have all week.  It dawned on me that it's really summer.  Somehow the past 5 months have gone by in the blink of an eye. It's July.

We have gone from the stark biting cold of winter to the blistering heat of summer. Somewhere in between we had a spring where the cherry blossoms and magnolias bloomed, big fat robins hopped around our yard, and a little bunny I've named Alexander Hamilhare took up residence near our stoop.

But most importantly, in the blink of an eye, our little girl has grown from a tiny newborn into a 5 month old baby. She went from not even being able to hold up her head to nearly being able to sit.  Her tiny little noodle arms and legs have grown into sturdy solid legs ready for crawling and walking.  Her thick dark newborn hair all fell out and has since grown back in a fuzzy puff of reddish hair.

The past 5 months have been the absolute best, hardest, and most life-changing of my life.  Being a mom has changed me in ways I didn't know were possible. They've also been some of the busiest -- we have gone to Florida, Delaware, Piqua, Dayton, Cleveland, and have hosted countless visitors. Our baby has taken 4 flights and 2 road trips.  We've gone to dinners, happy hours, brunches, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, stores, museums, art galleries, and more. I returned to work only to quit to stay home with Haddie, returned to work at an old job, and then stepped away from that as well.  I volunteered for Junior League and Honor Flight.  We celebrated our first Mothers and Fathers Days.  We have explored our new town.  We've done our best to keep up with our friendships.

It's time for us to slow down a bit. I want to savor these days rather than packing them jam-full of activities, commitments, and errands.  We have some visitors and trips coming up that I'm looking forward to, but other than that, I want to scale it way back.  I want to spend time just enjoying my daughter and catching up on life with my husband.  It's time to get our house in order - we haven't had a moment to work on it since we moved in! We need to spend quiet moments together instead of always being on the go.  It's time to really settle into our new life, and what better time to do this when it's too hot to even go outside?

I hope that this also means a return to the blog, as I find more time for the little things.

PS:  I have written up the world's longest, picture-less recap of the past 5 months -- anyone want me to publish it?


  1. Publish it! You know your sweet girl is my favorite. :)

    1. It's loooong lol, like War & Peace long. I think I will publish it soon, though :)


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