Sep 22, 2018

Haddie: 8 Months Old

I say this every single month, but time is flying!  I cannot believe that Haddie is 8 months old.

She is really growing up and turning into more of a toddler every day.  She sits up very well, she crawls, she has 2 teeth, she's alert and interested and does things intentionally now (ie will see something she wants and grab it or she'll stack blocks).  One thing I love so much that she does now is reaches up for me to pick her up.  It melts my heart every. single.  time.  She's started trying to "kiss" us which consists of her opening her mouth wide and just leaning into our face.  

Her favorite foods at the moment are peas mixed with carrots and pure butternut squash.  I have made all of her food so far with the exception of oatmeal.  So far she's had peas, carrots, butternut and acorn squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, prunes, pears, apples, oatmeal, green beans (hated them), and broccoli (hated it). There are more foods that she's able to have starting at 8 months, so I'm excited to introduce her to more foods. 

Her favorite activities include drinking water (out of glasses), crawling around our living room, tormenting the cat, watching Outdaughtered on TLC (I really don't let her watch a lot of tv, but she's obsessed with those babies!), guitar time with dad, pretending to walk/run while we hold her arms, and baths.  She used to hate baths, but now that she can sit up, she loves splashing around and she actually cries when I take her out. Over the past few months, she's taking up growling which is both cute and a little disturbing (jk).  She started out doing it when the cat would walk by her, but now she growls pretty much any time.  It sounds a little bit like a baby zombie.  Perfect for the Halloween season, I suppose!

Dislikes include dirty diapers (duh, who would like that?), sitting in her high chair unless she's actively eating, long car rides, and teething, obviously.

Firsts this month:  crawling, swing rides, first playdate, first ride in the seat of the shopping cart. She also only uses the "big girl" stroller now (we don't clip her carseat into the base anymore).

One moment from the past month that I never want to forget is one night Bill was refilling the cat's food container and he accidentally dumped some cat food on his desk.  The cat came running and was eating right off of the desk and Haddie just starting shrieking with laughter as if it was the funniest thing she has ever seen.  I wish I could just bottle up her happiness and listen to it forever! She also got a real kick the other day of the mailman driving by when we happened to be standing at the end of the drive and he just handed Bill our mail.  She screamed with laughter.  So cute!

Over the next month, we are going to move her to her room at night (she currently sleeps in a pack n play in our room), move her to the next step of carseat, and babyproof the house!

A few (or, um... 20) pics from the past month:

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