Oct 17, 2018

A week in Ohio and Indiana

Well, Blogtober is going just about as well as I imagined it would, ha.  I totally had intentions to blog during our trip but I never even got my Chromebook out of the bag!

We had a great long trip home. We left last Saturday and returned this past Sunday.  We spent 2 days with my family in Ohio and then headed to Indiana to Bill's grandma's house for 3 days, then back to Ohio for the duration. It was a lot of driving - 8 hrs to and from DC, then 4 hours to and from Indiana for a total of 24 hours, not including all of the stops for food, bathroom breaks, diaper changes and baby feedings! I'm glad we got those new tires on our car!  I'm also glad that we got the new carseat.  It some adjusting, but I think she was happy to have more room to stretch out and sit upright.

Anyways, to recap the trip in full detail would take a lot of posts so I'm going to just attempt to catch the highlights and hope this post isn't a million words long. So, the highlights:

  • Playing lots of games with my family. 

  • Eating my mom's delicious food. She made lemon orzo chicken (a recipe I think I'll be sharing soon!), spaghetti (my fave), beef stew, and the best ribs ever.  One night we also got wings from the best local wing spot, Wings & Rings. 

  • Spending time with my grandma.

My heart!!

  • Haddie meeting Bill's grandma for the first time!

  • Hanging on the farm in Indiana with Bill's family, including his cousin's new baby! 

  • Looking through his grandpa's old photos.  

This is his grandpa on a break home from the war

  • Early morning coffee at Winan's with Amy!  She happened to be in the area for work and I was dying to see her over our trip, so we made it work.  8:30 coffee made me feel very adult, lol.

  • Playing some Keno at 311 Drafthouse.

  • A few rounds of croquet with the fam.

All bundled up to watch the game

Haddie's view of the course!

  • Playing with the best bowls and ladles!

  • Lots of sink baths! I will definitely miss being able to stand up to bathe her.

  • Grocery shopping with Mom.  For some reason, this always takes an inexplicably long time with her, but it was great to spend quality time with her and it was oddly comforting to shop in my hometown stores. 

  • Got a haircut!  I always like to get my hair cut at home because it's a fraction of the DC prices.  I actually chopped a lot off, around 6-7 inches.  Haddie was always pulling it and it was looking scraggly and getting tangled.  I don't miss it at all! 

  • My mom took 2 days off of work so we got some quality time in during the week, a treat!

  • Shopped cute little stores in Troy with Bill and Mom and grabbed lunch on the square.

  • My brother came home for the last 2 days that we were home!  He went off to college this year and it was very weird the first week with his room all empty. It was so good to spend time with him.

  • My parents really wanted to introduce Bill to Maid-Rite in Greenville, which is a local diner that sells loose meat hamburgers.  It's been around forever, it's exterior walls are covered in gum, and it's always crowded.  It's definitely an experience!  I'm glad we went, though I'm not sure how much he liked them, haha.  

  • I'll be writing more about this soon, but we went to the pumpkin patch!

  • I spent an evening making copies of some of my favorite recipes of my mom's.  I'm really excited to make some of her meals for Bill.
  • Last but not least, Kyle came home on our last night in town and we played games.  It was great to see him and catch up!

The lowlights of the trip included me accidentally eating dairy which caused Haddie to get violently ill for a few hours one day.  I've never seen a baby throw up so much and you could tell she felt truly horrible.  I officially feel like a real mother now that I've been vomited on.  My poor little brother was sick as a dog from allergies -- you could barely hear him when he spoke because his voice was totally gone. My sister wasn't able to come home at all.  She recently started teaching at a new school and she's in a musical so she couldn't grab time off.  The temperatures were very extreme - the first 3/4 of the trip was hot, like nearing 90, and then the last few days were cold, near freezing in the morning with highs around 55.  I was glad to experience real fall weather, but I didn't pack for it so I was pretty chilly. There was a spider in my bed and a spider in my shower at my parents, and then a spider in the sink at Bill's grandmas!  Finally, my dad's barber Bruce died.  You might think that this last piece isn't big news, but it actually is.  He's been his barber for literally 45 years and if I had been a boy, I would have been named after him.  That's right, I would have been named Bruce Kruse.  RIP Bruce. :(

We were home for a long time, but no matter how long I'm there, it's never enough time.  I have been feeling really homesick lately so I was grateful to be there, but the trip didn't do much to help - now I just miss it more than ever!  I've been wishing so badly that we lived closer to home for the past few years and having Haddie has made it so much worse.  My grandma is my only grandparent left and I want to spend more time with her.  Our dog is 14, my parents and aunts/uncles aren't getting any younger, and there's a variety of issues throughout my family. My mom kept mentioning how hard it is that all her kids live away from home and I never got it before but I do now.  I also just really love my hometown and my home state.  Everything feels easier there and safer.  I love the space and the beautiful skies and scenery.  BUT, I don't live there -- we live here, our life is here, and I want to make this place feel like home.  Breastfeeding hormones don't help when you feel homesick, or really when you feel any feeling at all - it feels like everything is magnified! Woof.  Didn't mean to end this post on a bad note, but like to keep it real!

To sum it up, we had a fun family trip and I cannot wait to go back.

Does anyone else live far away from home and struggle with it?  Any tips to make it easier when you have kids but live far away?


  1. OMG I have never understood what loose meat is!

  2. They make it by BOILING ground meat so it doesn't stick together like a burger. It's... odd.


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