Oct 28, 2018

Haddie's 9 month update

Haddie turned 9 months last Monday!  I still haven't even posted her monthly photo to Instagram.  This week flew by! I always thought it must feel so significant when a mother's baby turns 9 months because they've been out as long as they were in, but the math doesn't quite work out that way.  She was born at 41 weeks 3 days, so we still have a ways to go until we can celebrate that milestone!

We had her 9 month check-up on Tuesday and she's 30 inches (2.5 ft!!) long, 20.6 lbs, and a head circumference of 45 cm.  The doctor said "she's off the charts for height!" so I was excited to see her little dot marked on the chart literally above the chart, but she's actually 99.4th percentile so it's still technically on the chart, but that does mean that only 6 babies out of 1000 are taller than her! Her weight is 83rd percentile which is the highest it's ever been, and her head is like 80th or something, I forget.

She pulls up on everything now and even lets go and stands by herself for a few seconds. She crawls around the house so fast and she's started getting into everything!  We love hearing her little hands and knees make a plap-plap-clomp-clomp sound as she cruises around on the hard wood.  (I also feel bad for her poor knees but can't convince Bill that we need these.)

She's started babbling and says a lot of things that almost sound like words.  I've definitely heard "mama" a few times, but I don't think she's actually saying it as my name.

As I've mentioned about 10x already (sorry), she's moved to a convertible carseat.  I think she definitely has come to like it now. 

I think her favorite 9-month development is that she learned how to clap! It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

She tried a lot of new foods this month.  I bought some jarred baby food at the store for our trip to Ohio/Indiana and I realized that it's a really easy way to introduce new foods.  Previously I had been cooking up a whole batch, but that was such a waste if she didn't like it or it didn't agree with her.  So we've been sticking with jars of food to introduce new foods.  This month she tried strawberries, pumpkin, beets (which gave her a rash, womp womp), blueberries, mango, and probably more but that's all I'm remembering at the moment.

At her checkup, the doctor diagnosed her with something called FPIES, which stands for food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome.  I told her what happened when we accidentally ate oatmeal made with milk and she immediately said FPIES, combined with the experiences we've been struggling with from the beginning.  Kids who have FPIES just can't process certain foods but the good news is that most grow out of it by 3.  I need to do some more research on this, but please let me know if you have experience with this!

Here's a few shots from her 9th month and I'm sorry, this whole capturing-good-pictures-without-showing-her-face thing is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be:

Cheers to a good week, all!

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