5 on Friday

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How I felt all week!  Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
1.  I don't know why, but this week has kicked my ass.  I am just soooo exhausted (and no, I'm not pregnant). I struggled all week to get going every day and barely got anything done around the house.  I feel like every ounce of my energy was dedicated to keeping my child alive.  She requires constant attention lately and is getting into everything!  I love her adventurous and curious spirit, but woof, it can be tiring.

2. I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday this weekend.   It's on Monday but I'm going to do the bulk of my celebrating this weekend. I'm going to go to hot yoga (for the first time since I found out I was pregnant last year!), get sushi for lunch by myself, get Starbucks, hopefully get a massage, and ...

3. Shop the annual candle day sale at Bath & Body Works!  It only takes place 1 day a year and the candles are on sale for $8.95 plus you can use coupons. I've got my list ready of the ones I want to buy.  Here's to hoping I get there before any of them are sold out.  The stores are opening early just for this sale!  Mine opens at 7am but I doubt I'll get there before 10.

4. Blogging.  Why is it so hard to find time to just sit down and write posts?!  I have soooo many idea of things I want to write, but I just can't seem to get it going.  I also want to be posting daily to my blog Instagram and that is definitely not happening.  WHY IS IT HARD???

5. You know what else is hard?  Choosing a holiday card!  First I spend hours scouring through different websites trying to find the best deal.  I love Minted cards so much but they just aren't in the budget.  I ended up going with a Groupon for Staples but I've been looking over the different design options.  I have it narrowed down to 3 from about 30 I originally picked out, so progress has been made.  Does anyone else struggle so badly over this?!

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Ten plaid holiday dresses for baby girls

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I was looking for a cute plaid dress for Haddie to wear to meet Santa (for the first time ever!) and had a little trouble finding exactly what I wanted.  I planned on buying a plaid jumper that I loved from Carter's, but it sold out super fast and so I had to scramble to find another option!I searched high and low and eventually came up with some cute options so I thought I would share some of my favorites!  Here are the top ten dresses I found that would be adorable for any little girl over the holidays!

1 - First, my friend Victoria's handmade dresses on Etsy are beyond cute! I love this reindeer design. Sizes 0-24 are $60.

2 - Ralph Lauren Red or White Tartan Plaid Dress with black bow.  $65, currently on sale for $48.99.  I saw this dresses on a baby girl who was behind us in line to meet Santa.  It's exactly the look that I had been searching for!  Elegant and a little old-fashioned.

3 - Old Navy Plaid Ruffle-Trim Dress.  $22.99.  I almost bought this dress one day but when I came back it was sold out in the store closest to me!

4 - The price point of this Target dress can't be beat!  $13.99 for a super cute holiday dress.  This was one of my top contenders! It's a really great affordable option that will look as nice in pictures as any of the others.

5 - Hope & Henry Plaid Taffeta Pleated Dress.  This is a company I learned about recently and their clothes are adorable and only available on Amazon.  This one is $29.95 and they also have a similar red version here.

6 - For a unique option, this Tucker + Tate Mixed Tartan Plaid Dress from Nordstorm offers plaid that will match any holiday color scheme! $42.99 and free shipping.

7 - This embroidered plaid dress from Gap is adorable with the flowers on top!  $39.95 (but Gap is still offering 50% off everything for Black Friday!)

8 - This metallic plaid dress from Macy's absolutely took my breath away but I just couldn't quite justify the price of $60.  Of course, it's on sale today for $23.99!! It is truly stunning in person. The brand is Bonnie Baby which I think might be a new favorite of mine.

9 - There's also a red version of the above dress.

10 - This final option is also from Macy's.  It's a two-piece coat and dress set from Blueberi Boulevard and it is so classic and beautiful.  The quality is really nice, but again it was a little more than I could afford at $70.00 but is on sale today for $27.99! Of course!

So which dress did we end up with, you might ask?  Funnily enough, I absolutely fell in love with this red sparkly dress with a fur stole from Target -- didn't end up with plaid at all, but I'm still lusting over the above dresses!

What I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 8:00 AM

Every year on Thanksgiving, I try to take some time, sit back, and reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.  I like to look at what's good in my life and really take a moment to appreciate it.  I thought I would share some of these thoughts with you. So here's what I'm grateful for, from the serious to the silly.

First and foremost, I'm grateful for this little baby of mine. Being a mother to this precious little baby girl has been the greatest joy of my life and I cherish every day, truly.  Even on the most trying of days, I'm happier than I've ever been because I have her by my side.

I'm grateful for my husband.  I can't imagine doing this life without him.

For my parents.

For my siblings.

For my closest friends.

For mom friends.

That I'm able to stay home with Haddie.

For mom Facebook groups.  I've learned more from the mom groups that I'm in than from any other resource.  Not only that, but there are there all day every day for any question no matter how small, to vent to, and to share in the good moments.

For the ease of being dairy-free in 2018.  Obviously I miss cheese and ice cream and butter, but there are so many delicious options options available to me.  It's much easier than when I was vegan 10 years ago.

For this little furball.  We've had a full extra year with him after nearly losing him last year.  Each day is just a bonus and even though he drives me absolutely bananas some days, I love him so much.

For online shopping with free shipping.

For our house.  I may not love everything about it all of the time, but it's ours!

For hot running water.  Every single time that I take a shower, I think of people who don't have this luxury and I am truly thankful.

For Starbucks holiday drinks.

And finally, I'm thankful that Jill Zarin is coming back to the Real Housewives of New York.  I told you some of these would be silly!

5 on Friday

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 10:16 PM
Yeahhhh I'm back to calling these "Five on Friday."  Five for Friday just didn't stick. Also, Blogtober was a fail, as expected. Linking up with Katie!

~* 1 *~

We are painting our main living areas tomorrow.  It's been nearly a year (to the day, actually) that we moved into our house and so far the only room painted is Haddie's!  The whole house is painted in a gross off-white/yellow color that reminds me of an old hospital, so I'm really excited to get it painted.  We spent the whole night taping.  In the front room and dining room, we are doing gray on the top, white on the bottom, divided by our wainscoting, and in the downstairs family room, we are going with a bold dark green.  Our goal is to turn that make that room feel like a lodge, so finger's crossed that it goes ok!  Both of us have only painted a handful of times in our life so we aren't exactly pros!  See my Pinterest board for our paint inspiration!

~* 2 *~

Speaking of Pinterest, I recently went through and cleaned mine up.  I was hating it lately and feeling overwhelmed by it.  I archived almost all of my old boards and created a bunch of new ones that are actually relevant to my current life and now I'm loving it.  It's been so helpful in figuring out how we want to decorate our house and I can't wait to keep using it in a manner that works for me.

~* 3 *~

I posted this on Instagram, but yesterday marked the day that Haddie was officially out as long as she was in.  This day always seemed really special to me in a mother's life and it was! Like more significant than Mother's Day or any of her  monthly "birthdays."I felt like I was pregnant forever, but the past 9.5 months have flown by in the blink of an eye, even though some days seem to last for an eternity. 

~* 4 *~

And speaking of little Haddie, I'm starting to plan her first birthday party!  I always said I would never plan a big party for a baby but here I am.  I guess add that to the list of things I never said I would do and yet here I am doing them! I've been pouring over themes for her party and so far I'm down to Winter ONE-derland or Wild ONE.  I'm leaning toward the latter because her nursery is woodland animal themed, so it would be keeping with her theme. Any thoughts or other ideas?

~* 5 *~

Starbucks holiday drinks are out!! I went HAM on them this week, oops!  So far I've had 2 chestnut pralines, a gingerbread, and a peppermint mocha. I truly cannot afford to keep buying them so now that I've had all my faves, I'm trying to hold out until Black Friday when I know I'll be at the mall.  I can't have the eggnog, PSL, the new white chocolate one, or snickerdoodle hot cocoa bc of dairy, so it makes it a little easier to limit my Starbucks intake.  The seasonal drinks at Starbucks are literally one of my favorite things about the holiday season! I finally got the most beautiful cup that I had been longing for yesterday so that's another reason I feel ok taking a break.  Does anyone else love these drinks as much as I do??