Nov 9, 2018

5 on Friday

Yeahhhh I'm back to calling these "Five on Friday."  Five for Friday just didn't stick. Also, Blogtober was a fail, as expected. Linking up with Katie!

~* 1 *~

We are painting our main living areas tomorrow.  It's been nearly a year (to the day, actually) that we moved into our house and so far the only room painted is Haddie's!  The whole house is painted in a gross off-white/yellow color that reminds me of an old hospital, so I'm really excited to get it painted.  We spent the whole night taping.  In the front room and dining room, we are doing gray on the top, white on the bottom, divided by our wainscoting, and in the downstairs family room, we are going with a bold dark green.  Our goal is to turn that make that room feel like a lodge, so finger's crossed that it goes ok!  Both of us have only painted a handful of times in our life so we aren't exactly pros!  See my Pinterest board for our paint inspiration!

~* 2 *~

Speaking of Pinterest, I recently went through and cleaned mine up.  I was hating it lately and feeling overwhelmed by it.  I archived almost all of my old boards and created a bunch of new ones that are actually relevant to my current life and now I'm loving it.  It's been so helpful in figuring out how we want to decorate our house and I can't wait to keep using it in a manner that works for me.

~* 3 *~

I posted this on Instagram, but yesterday marked the day that Haddie was officially out as long as she was in.  This day always seemed really special to me in a mother's life and it was! Like more significant than Mother's Day or any of her  monthly "birthdays."I felt like I was pregnant forever, but the past 9.5 months have flown by in the blink of an eye, even though some days seem to last for an eternity. 

~* 4 *~

And speaking of little Haddie, I'm starting to plan her first birthday party!  I always said I would never plan a big party for a baby but here I am.  I guess add that to the list of things I never said I would do and yet here I am doing them! I've been pouring over themes for her party and so far I'm down to Winter ONE-derland or Wild ONE.  I'm leaning toward the latter because her nursery is woodland animal themed, so it would be keeping with her theme. Any thoughts or other ideas?

~* 5 *~

Starbucks holiday drinks are out!! I went HAM on them this week, oops!  So far I've had 2 chestnut pralines, a gingerbread, and a peppermint mocha. I truly cannot afford to keep buying them so now that I've had all my faves, I'm trying to hold out until Black Friday when I know I'll be at the mall.  I can't have the eggnog, PSL, the new white chocolate one, or snickerdoodle hot cocoa bc of dairy, so it makes it a little easier to limit my Starbucks intake.  The seasonal drinks at Starbucks are literally one of my favorite things about the holiday season! I finally got the most beautiful cup that I had been longing for yesterday so that's another reason I feel ok taking a break.  Does anyone else love these drinks as much as I do??


  1. I can't wait to see how the painting turns out!! It's amazing what a difference it can make!! I love that picture of you and Haddie! I am amazed at how tiny you were, even at 41 weeks!!!

  2. It was truly a good angle! I was debating posting a different picture that was more accurate but I was in my bra and no humans eyes should have to see it LOL


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