Dec 17, 2018

My Christmas List this year

Looking for any last-minute gift ideas?  Maybe my list will help!

My family keeps asking me what I want this year, but the only things that come to mind is stuff for Haddie so I spent some time (way too long seeing as Christmas is, um, next week) figuring out what I want.  Now that I have created my list, I actually really want all of these things!

Most everything here can still be delivered in time for Christmas, so hopefully it will give you (or your significant others) some good ideas! Here's what I'm hoping for this year:

  • A new bottle of Chance by Chanel (I prefer the Eau de Toillette to the Parfum, and I like the smaller 1.7oz bottle as it keeps longer since I don't wear perfume as often anymore)
  • Mommy and Me beanies - I can't wait to take cute winter pics with Haddie in the new year!
  • Gift card for new glasses from Zenni 
  • Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit - appears to be out of stock everywhere, grrrr -- let me know if you find it anywhere!!
  • Fur-lined Birkenstocks - because I wear sandals in winter.  Don't judge me!
  • "Becoming" by Michelle Obama
  • Barefoot Dreams robe
  • Fuzzy socks and functional socks - I love these
  • Photo albums with lots of slots
  • Maryland crab magnet for our car (everyone has these here and I've been dying for one!)
  • A "baby on board" sticker for our car
  • Lush bath bombs and bubble bars
  • A piece from the Harry Potter Lenox Christmas Village
  • Live-in high-waisted Zella leggings

and my dream is one of these fireplaces!

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  1. Becoming is on my list. Everyone says it's SO good!! I'll keep an eye out for the HP Trivial Pursuit. That's my kind of game... except I have no one to play it with, lol.

    1. I wish we could virtually play it because I ended up getting it but also have no one to play it with, haha!


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