Jan 11, 2019

5 on Friday

Not linking up with anyone this week mainly because I'm trying to get this up really fast!

1. I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog yet, but I have been working part time at my old company in a different role. It's a temporary job for a few months while we complete a large project, but today I got the opportunity to go full time!  I'm going to try it out for a week and see how it goes.  It has been thoroughly exhausting to work and take care of Haddie, but it's also been really nice to be back in the work force! We have decided to hire a part time nanny/sitter for a couple of days a week, but have just started that process.  If you have any tips for either working with your kid or for hiring childcare, please let me know!

Send help lol
2. I am getting really excited for Haddie's first birthday party.  It's almost as exciting as planning my wedding, ha.  I want to order everything this weekend since it's next Saturday! Check out my Pinterest board for some of my early inspiration.

Sick us
3. I am still sick.  Haddie's finally almost better.  She's been sick since December 12th. It started as a cold, then we took her to the dr the day before we went home to Ohio and it turned out she had an ear infection.  They put her on amoxicillin which gave her horrible diarrhea which gave her a horrific diaper rash.  We took her to urgent care on NYE and it had morphed into a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  They switched her antibiotics and gave her a prescription diaper rash cream.  She finished the last of her antibiotics today and her rash is nearly gone.  I, on the other hand, got sick the day we arrived in Ohio (Dec 27?) and I think the worst of it is finally over, just a little stuffy still but I finally have energy back. Bill is about on the same timeline as me.  I also have an injured foot.  I was trying to grab some crackers from the pantry and knocked a glass jar of Trader Joe's cookie butter off the shelf and it fell right onto my foot/toe.  It's pretty swollen and bruised and hurts to walk, so that's fine.  My exercise resolutions are not off to a good start.  It has really sucked because I was so excited for all of the new year's things I wanted to do, but I've just been trying to survive over here.

By the way, I want to share the craziest thing that is actually making me feel better: these ginger chews!!! 

I can't take any cold medicine while breastfeeding and I was hesitant to try natural remedies but some ladies at Bill's work recommended these.I was initially disappointed because they are the grossest "candy" I've ever tried besides black licorice, but they really work!   Super strong ginger flavor (duh) and spicy but they clear my nose and head each time I eat one and I feel markedly better since I started eating them.  I highly recommend them. 

4. In an effort to streamline cooking/shopping and get some more time back, I've been using Instantcart.  It's certainly a luxury, but it makes life SO much easier.  Yesterday I placed my orders online from both Aldi and Wegmans and within 2 hours my groceries were delivered to me.  I can't tell you how amazing it was to not have to go to the store!  Like, WHAT a great invention!! I also signed up for Hello Fresh starting next week.  I have promo codes for both of these services if you're interested.  Instantcart here and Hello Fresh here.  I will post an update next week after using HF for a week.

5. For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a $40 gift card to Bath & Body Works for candles, but the craziest thing has been happening lately and I'm kind of over candles.  I hate the idea of breathing in smoke and chemical fragrances, and I hate the idea of Haddie breathing it even more! And so, I bought a bunch of soaps and I cannot wait for them to arrive!  I got a notification this morning that they shipped and I squealed in anticipation! I got THREE of the luxe vanilla coconut.  YUM.
Sneak peek of my order!

How have your weeks been? I hope that everyone has been able to avoid getting sick!!


  1. I'll never be over candles, but I've started burning only soy & natural candles because I'm freaked out by the idea of breathing in a bunch of chemicals. Natural doesn't bother me, though, & they don't flare up my allergies.

    1. I should try to buy more soy ones bc I really do love candles!

  2. I love the bath and body work hand soap. I find it's one of few that doesn't dry my hands out, especially in the winter!! I hadn't thought about the candle chemicals, but that totally makes sense!!


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