February 2019 Target Finds

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 8:30 AM
Happy Valentine's Day, friends! One of the new things I've started doing with Haddie is taking long trips to Target. The weather has been so gross and we've been cooped up in the house and she's not taking well to me working from home, so it's imperative that we get a daily outing, and lately that has been Target.  Since I'm not made of money, I can't buy everything that I fall in love with, but I've been seeing some cute things lately and wanted to share with you my finds! I've seen other bloggers do this and every time I'm at the store, I think that I should share with you all what I'm loving, so I'm finally doing it!

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1. This is hands-down the cutest purse I've seen in a long time.  I actually gasped when I saw it.  It's color-blocked pink, white, and tan and it's a great size.  You can carry it like a handbag or it has an optional cross-body strap (which is a must for me).  I debated buying it and I keep thinking about it all day long so chances are, I will own it soon. I'm a pretty big cheapskate and I just couldn't decide if I wanted to spend $40 on a Target bag -- thoughts??

2. These super cute open toe heels!  They actually had my size for once (11!)  so I tried them on and I loved them, but I really have nowhere to wear them right now so I decided to hold off for now but they were so cute and actually pretty comfy!  They fit my ankles too which I sometimes have problems with as I have a bit of a cankle situation - it's just the way my ankles were made!

3. I'm starting to realize that hats might need to become part of my mom look as it's becoming increasingly difficult to get a shower in every day. I never understood this phenomenon before but here I am!  This hat is much cuter in person and only $12.99 so I think it's only a matter of time before it comes home with me. It's sparkly and a platinum gold color.

4. The last thing I wanted to do was try on swimsuits, but I very nearly bought this adorable palm tree one piece without even trying it on, but thought better of myself as it looked like the torso might be a little short for me. I absolutely love the pattern and color!

5. A mug bearing the phrase "Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'm awake."  If there was ever a mug more suited to my best friend Kyle, I haven't seen it!  It's only $3.00 and is the perfect gift for a coffee-loving, morning-hating person!

6. I snagged these dino salt and pepper shakers, on sale for $2.69 each.  Bill and I have become big dinosaur fans recently!

7. Have you tried this charcoal toothpaste?  I've been looking for a more natural way to whiten my teeth as I feel they are looking gross, but Whitestrips aren't recommended while breastfeeding (anyone know why?? Seems random). 

8. Quick backstory: as a child, I had a Smokey the Bear stuffed animal and when you pulled a string, he said his classic line, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"  I took this literally and thought that seriously, I was the only one in the world who could prevent forest fires. Even as a kid, I thought that it was a pretty heavy cross to bear and even stranger because forest fires don't often happen in Ohio, but I took it seriously and made sure to prevent brush fires...  So needless to say, this sweatshirt spoke to me, especially in light of the recent devastating fires. 

9. I fell in love with these ridiculous shoes the first time I saw them back in November.  I recognize that they are ugly and look like something that Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century would wear, but they are chunky and they are holographic and I just want them. 

10. BONUS: I forgot to include a picture of it in the graphic above, but all of the Target brand (and some other brands too) candles are on sale!  Sweet Spun Sugar is one of my favorite candle scents from any company, ever.  It's subtle, calming, girly, and perfect.  All sizes are on sale, but I got the 15.2 oz - it's normally $10, on sale for $8.  The 21 oz is also on sale from $15 to $12, but ounce for ounce, the 15.2 jar gets you better savings. 

What have YOU been loving lately at Target?

Trip recap: 12 Days in Ohio

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 10:32 PM
I keep saying that I want to get back to the basics of blogging and one thing I've always enjoyed doing is having a running log of things we've done, and even though this might be boring for others, it's nice for me to have to look back on! 

Haddie and I got back on Monday from a long trip to Ohio and I'm still recovering!  I briefly mentioned it in a post last week, but I wanted to do a more in-depth post on it.

We flew out on the 24th (feels so long ago!). It was such a hassle to drag everything through the airport by myself omg. When I packed in the morning, it was sunny and warm but by the time we got to the airport, it was cold and raining.  There was no parking in the garage, so we had to head all the way to the top floor which was in the elements.  I had Haddie obviously, her blanket, our giant suitcase, my carry-on, her umbrella stroller (this one: for $14, it worked fine), the stroller bag, my purse, and the diaper bag, There was no elevator anywhere near me so I had to carry all of this at once across the cold parking lot, rain pelting us, and down a stairway! We were really late too so I had to book it to the gate.  Turned out fine and then the flight was delayed again and again for a total of 2.5 hours late.  Haddie lost her patience and was just running around like a crazy woman.  The flight eventually took off - I fed her, she fell asleep, and it was an uneventful flight.  Dad and Davey picked me up and we headed to Wings and Rings for dinner with Mom -- yum!

I had to work each weekday that I was home which was a bummer.  My brother was still home for his winter break from college (!), so we went shopping at Meijer and Kohl's and then played games with the family all night.

The impetus for our trip was my one best friend's baby showers - she's having twins!  Her first shower was the second day I was home. It was in Columbus, which is about a 90 min drive.  I was supposed to get coffee with Kyle first, but after a fiasco over whose car I was borrowing, I ended up being late for the shower!  I took Haddie with me so she could meet everyone. It was a beautiful shower!! Her sister decorated it all herself and she made the cutest hot air balloon centerpieces. She got a lot of great presents and I loved getting so see everyone in her family.  I tasted a bit of cake because everyone was raving about how delicious it was, even knowing that it had dairy in it, hoping that my bites were small enough but sure enough, the next day, Haddie got sick.  Grr.  It was extremely delicious though.  If you're in the Cleveland area,  Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes is highly highly recommended!!

After the shower, we shopped at Easton for a bit.  I got ALL of this from Baby Gap for $44!

Then, we met up with my cousin Sarah and her family.  They happened to be in town for her son's birthday. It's always so nice to see family.  Haddie freaked out on the drive home so I had to pull into a gas station parking lot to nurse her, ha.

The vast majority of my time at home was spent working and playing games but I did squeeze in a few more activities like visiting with Nanny, shopping with mom at Kohl's, playing Keno, grabbing a latte at my fave local spot Winan's, and getting my hair cut and colored.

My 12 month-old daughter now carries a purse everywhere she goes because she fell in love with this purse at Kohl's -- she literally pulled it off the shelf and screamed and cried big alligator tears when I tried to give it to the cashier to put back on the shelf.  I told myself if it was $15 or under, I'd buy it for her.  It was $28 and clearly I bought it anyway.  I had wanted to get her a bag for her birthday, but I was thinking more of the $5 baby toy purse variety, but whatevs! She loves it and carries it around, filling it with her favorite things.  Right now it's filled with an Elmo figurine, "her" cell phone which is an old phone from my mom, her actual baby cell phone, a little booklet, a teether, and a silk rose petal (babies, lol). She proudly holds it up to show anyone who pays attention to her.

Kyle drove in one evening to have dinner with us and play dominoes and a new favorite, Karma.  Karma is really easy and fun - sort of like Uno for adults with more strategy.

I mentioned before that a family friend died.  He was my friend Angie's grandma (she was one of my bridesmaids and has always felt more like a cousin than just a friend) and also my grandma's best friend's husband. I've known him literally since I was born.  He is in the background of any family gathering and peppered through my memories as long as I can remember.  He'd been sick for a very long time but it was still somehow unexpected.  It was odd that I happened to be home, and Angie (who lives in California now) happened to be visiting her family in St. Louis, only a 5.5 hr drive away. The viewing was on Friday and the funeral was on Saturday.  They were both just really sad. To see Nancy alone for the first time in 60 years was just heartbreaking.  Angie's little sister said the eulogy and it was heartwrenching.  The minister also said a great piece on him including how when they arrived at the hospital, the first thing Chuck said was "let's get the [OSU] game on!" Only a few of us went out to the burial at the snow-covered cemetery.  It was oddly peaceful to see it covered in a blanket of snow.  I think he would have liked it.  Afterwards, there was a luncheon at their church. It was nice to see everyone come together for Nancy and her family. My grandma was able to make it out, which she isn't able to do often which I bet meant a lot to Nancy.  Angie came out to the house with her brother later that day and to get her off of everything. Even though it was under sad circumstances, it really was great to see her.

Right after the funeral was over, I headed to Dayton for Amy's second shower.  This one was much closer of a drive and I decided to leave Haddie home - I was a mom out on the loose! Har har.  This shower was hosted by her SIL and it was also so cute! The theme was "two peas in a pod" and everything was adorable and the food was delicious. 

Amy and I also finally exchanged gifts!  I got her a Suki cat calendar, and she gave me a bunch of cute gifts and this adorable puzzle for Haddie's first birthday:

We were lucky enough to get a couple of real snows while we were home!  The first one was less fun because I walked outside and promptly slipped.  I was carrying Haddie, so it was actually really scary.  I did everything I could to avoid falling so I ended up wrenching the whole side of my body. The second snow was more fun though because nobody could drive very far so we were all snowed in!  I also got to go cross country skiing!  I only went around the yard a few times because my boot broke and I fell but luckily I got right back up and it didn't hurt too bad.  I sure miss cross country skiing! 

My trip ended with the Superbowl! It was ridiculously boring, but we had some good food and played games.  My brother and sister had come home that weekend to see us, and they left earlier that day but we still had a good time. 

Our flight home departed at 6:25am, so we had to be there no later than 5am.  We got up at 3:30 and it was just exhausting. The flight went well, but I didn't recover all week from the exhausting start.  I'm hoping this next week will be better!

The sun rising on our flight home

Currently // 2. 6. 2019

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 11:18 PM

It's been a minute since I've done a currently post!  I used to do these all the time on my old blog and I think it's fine time that I brought it to this one! I've added a couple of line items at the end.  Anything else I should include in my soon-to-be regular currently posts?

Feeling Tired, anxious about work and our new nanny coming for the second time tomorrow - first, the house is so messy and smells like fish that we cooked tonight but also Haddie didn't do very well with her last time (even though she is great!!), and my shoulders hurt. 

Reading: In theory, I'm reading Becoming by Michelle Obama but I haven't even picked up the book in 2 weeks. 

Listening to/Hearing: All I hear right now is my fan whirring but "Burning Man" by Dierks Bentley is in my head

Obsessing about: My house - need to get it under control and make it cozy! But in a good obsession, I'm obsessed with this stupid LV fanny pack.  Amy's SIL was wearing one at the shower and I cannot stop thinking about it.  It's everything I never knew I wanted. I do not need this and I could never afford it, but boy do I want it!

Drinking: Water and wine. It's all about balance. 

Eating: Ugh, dinner tonight was a gross Hello Fresh fail -- barramundi (ew), roasted carrots (burnt), and rice with weird roasted pistachios.  Not my fave.  

Watching on tv: Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Pioneer Woman, SVU - but let's be real: I'm mainly watching Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger, and Haddie's fave, Sesame Street

Binging on Netflix: Ted Bundy tapes and Llama Llama

Candle burning: Marshmallow Fireside ("bae")

Wishing for: A few more weeks of winter

Loving: Being back in my own space, my new hair cut and color, that Haddie has taken a couple of naps not in my arms this past week

Needing: A freaking break

Hating: My messy house!! And that we live so far from home

Wearing: Jocassee sweatshirt, no pants

Recent most-liked Instagram/FB photo: On my personal insta, a series of pics from Haddie's first birthday party

New small goal: Return everything that I need to return (Owlet exchange, 3 dresses from Shein [the worst, btw], and a digital photo frame that was a failed Christmas gift for my mom)

Looking forward to: A few things: first, it's really far in the distance, but Hootie and the Blowfish is reuniting for a tour and we are going in August! I'm also pretty excited about Valentine's Day. I just love any excuse for a celebration!!  Finally, I'm excited for brunch with some girlfriends on Saturday. Leaving Haddie and Bill at home, so I'll be a mom on the loose!! Just kidding, I'm driving, so won't be getting too crazy ha

Linking to: Still going strong on my love for Clean Mama

Things I've learned recently: Thanks to Rachel, I learned a great way to store spinach for my smoothies/meals -- in the freezer! 

Favorite recent Amazon buy: 

1. These corner protectors to protect Haddie from bashing into them.  They are much more sleek than the ones we previously purchased and so far, she's not been able to pull them off. 

2. And this AWESOME coffee maker! Despite a rocky start with it (it was Bill's main Christmas gift and Amazon delivered it in it's original packaging, which I'm sure they warned me about, but I missed it, and he saw it), it's actually so great.  It keeps the coffee piping hot for 4 hours and you just press your mug in and it dispenses just like water out of the fridge.  We program it to brew at 6am and every morning, it's there dutifully waiting for us.  Seriously great purchase and so far, highly recommend it. 

Haddie's happenings:  She's waving goodbye and sometimes hi (particularly at paintings of animals on walls bc we do that every night in her room), says "hi," and "mom mom mom," clicks her tongue at the cat or other animals, crawls up stairs, plays Peekaboo by covering her hands with her eyes, carries around a PURSE that she fell in love with at Kohls, pretends lots of things are phones and "talks" on them (like dominoes!), brushes her hair with my brush, points the controller at the tv, ate a ton of beef stew, still likes spaghetti, breaks into the cutest dance with hand motions when we start singing Baby Shark, and that's enough for now I think!

Tell me: what's one thing YOU are looking forward to?

January goals recap and February goals

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 5:00 PM
Happy Groundhog Day!!

First, a look back at how I did in January:

1. Publish Haddie's birth story - negative.  A draft is written though!
2. Get a few returns from Christmas in the mail - nope
3. Throw a great first birthday party for Haddie (and don't stress about it!!). First part done! I definitely stressed out though.
4. Take our Christmas decorations down  Check!
5. Whenever I'm finally feeling better, start 31 days of Yoga with Adrienne.  I really intended to do it daily starting on the 1st, but haven't been up to it. - Lolz.  No.  Not even once.
6. Read one book - that's a big no.  I read a few chapters of Becoming.
7. Make our honeymoon photo book - nope.
8. Fill out Haddie's baby book finally (before her birthday!!) - negatory.  Didn't even start.
9. Send my wedding ring set in to be repaired - nope

WELL, I did not do a very good job at my goals.  In my defense, I was sick for the first 3/4 of the month, then I broke my foot by dropping a jar on it, threw a huge first birthday party, and came to Ohio.  So... I think my goals were a bit lofty.  Trying to make February more do-able.

February Goals:

1. Publish Haddie's birth story
2. Blog 3x a week (12 total posts)
3. Finish Becoming
4. Work out 10x
5. Make our honeymoon book
6. Send my rings in to be resized and repaired.
7. Take all of my returns to the post office
8. Mail Valentines
9. Make a better effort to post on Instagram
10. The biggest one for February is to get my family on some sort of a schedule where we have more time to enjoy our lives!
11. Open a 529 and a savings account for Haddie

5 on Friday

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 11:58 PM

1. I've been in Ohio for the past week and a half!  Haddie and I are here for my best friend's baby showers! Last week we went to Columbus for her first shower and got dinner with my cousin afterwards and tomorrow I head to Dayton! I am hoping to grab my favorite Dayton food, Fusian before heading home.

2. Sadly, a family friend (and one of my best friend's grandparents) passed away on Wednesday.  The visitation was today and the funeral is tomorrow morning. He hadn't been doing well for awhile, but he was a great man and left behind his wife of 62 years.  Can you even imagine?

3. I went to Verizon today because it hasn't been working well and was hoping to get it replaced since we have insurance on it and they told me that they don't do that anymore in store.  Isn't that stupid? I have been waiting months to find a good time to go to the store - I finally get there and they tell me to just fill out a form online and that I'll have to pay a deductible.  Ridic!

4. It's Valentine's month!! I love Valentine's Day.  Pink, red, hearts, lace, cupids, chocolates, flowers, cards, cherry cordials, yes please! Do you like Valentine's Day?

5. Talk to me about Lightroom presets.  Do you use them for your Instagram or blog images?  If so, what do you use? What are your favorites?  Where did you buy them?  I've been on the fence for awhile.  I'd like to make my Instagram look better/more cohesive but I just haven't pulled the trigger.