Feb 6, 2019

Currently // 2. 6. 2019

It's been a minute since I've done a currently post!  I used to do these all the time on my old blog and I think it's fine time that I brought it to this one! I've added a couple of line items at the end.  Anything else I should include in my soon-to-be regular currently posts?

Feeling Tired, anxious about work and our new nanny coming for the second time tomorrow - first, the house is so messy and smells like fish that we cooked tonight but also Haddie didn't do very well with her last time (even though she is great!!), and my shoulders hurt. 

Reading: In theory, I'm reading Becoming by Michelle Obama but I haven't even picked up the book in 2 weeks. 

Listening to/Hearing: All I hear right now is my fan whirring but "Burning Man" by Dierks Bentley is in my head

Obsessing about: My house - need to get it under control and make it cozy! But in a good obsession, I'm obsessed with this stupid LV fanny pack.  Amy's SIL was wearing one at the shower and I cannot stop thinking about it.  It's everything I never knew I wanted. I do not need this and I could never afford it, but boy do I want it!

Drinking: Water and wine. It's all about balance. 

Eating: Ugh, dinner tonight was a gross Hello Fresh fail -- barramundi (ew), roasted carrots (burnt), and rice with weird roasted pistachios.  Not my fave.  

Watching on tv: Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Pioneer Woman, SVU - but let's be real: I'm mainly watching Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger, and Haddie's fave, Sesame Street

Binging on Netflix: Ted Bundy tapes and Llama Llama

Candle burning: Marshmallow Fireside ("bae")

Wishing for: A few more weeks of winter

Loving: Being back in my own space, my new hair cut and color, that Haddie has taken a couple of naps not in my arms this past week

Needing: A freaking break

Hating: My messy house!! And that we live so far from home

Wearing: Jocassee sweatshirt, no pants

Recent most-liked Instagram/FB photo: On my personal insta, a series of pics from Haddie's first birthday party

New small goal: Return everything that I need to return (Owlet exchange, 3 dresses from Shein [the worst, btw], and a digital photo frame that was a failed Christmas gift for my mom)

Looking forward to: A few things: first, it's really far in the distance, but Hootie and the Blowfish is reuniting for a tour and we are going in August! I'm also pretty excited about Valentine's Day. I just love any excuse for a celebration!!  Finally, I'm excited for brunch with some girlfriends on Saturday. Leaving Haddie and Bill at home, so I'll be a mom on the loose!! Just kidding, I'm driving, so won't be getting too crazy ha

Linking to: Still going strong on my love for Clean Mama

Things I've learned recently: Thanks to Rachel, I learned a great way to store spinach for my smoothies/meals -- in the freezer! 

Favorite recent Amazon buy: 

1. These corner protectors to protect Haddie from bashing into them.  They are much more sleek than the ones we previously purchased and so far, she's not been able to pull them off. 

2. And this AWESOME coffee maker! Despite a rocky start with it (it was Bill's main Christmas gift and Amazon delivered it in it's original packaging, which I'm sure they warned me about, but I missed it, and he saw it), it's actually so great.  It keeps the coffee piping hot for 4 hours and you just press your mug in and it dispenses just like water out of the fridge.  We program it to brew at 6am and every morning, it's there dutifully waiting for us.  Seriously great purchase and so far, highly recommend it. 

Haddie's happenings:  She's waving goodbye and sometimes hi (particularly at paintings of animals on walls bc we do that every night in her room), says "hi," and "mom mom mom," clicks her tongue at the cat or other animals, crawls up stairs, plays Peekaboo by covering her hands with her eyes, carries around a PURSE that she fell in love with at Kohls, pretends lots of things are phones and "talks" on them (like dominoes!), brushes her hair with my brush, points the controller at the tv, ate a ton of beef stew, still likes spaghetti, breaks into the cutest dance with hand motions when we start singing Baby Shark, and that's enough for now I think!

Tell me: what's one thing YOU are looking forward to?


  1. Hope things are going better with the nanny. I'm sure that's so hard. <3 I'm feeling you 1000 times over about the messy house. I'm so stressed about my house, but I'm too tired to do much about it... which is ridiculous as well, lol.

    1. Just saw this comment. A post is needed but SHE QUIT lol


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