Apr 2, 2019

April Goals

Well, March goals never even got posted but it's a new month so let's try again!

How did I do on February goals?

February Goals:

1. Publish Haddie's birth story - NOPE and I think I've decided not to post it.  I just... don't want to, so this won't be moving to April's goals. I have it typed up, so it's something I have privately, but I just don't feel like sharing it at this point. 2. Blog 3x a week (12 total posts) - NOPE, only 5 and 2 in March3. Finish Becoming - NOPE, but I did read 4 other books. I'm just not into it, so I'm abandoning it for the time being.4. Work out 10x - LOL no5. Make our honeymoon book- Nope6. Send my rings in to be resized and repaired - No, but this was a conscious decision.  I've decided that I really want to upgrade my center stone, so we are saving up to afford that and then we are going to do that and the fix all at once. 7. Take all of my returns to the post office - Hey, yes! Something I actually did complete!8. Mail Valentines I mailed them in March, but they went out!9. Make a better effort to post on Instagram - Sort of10. The biggest one for February is to get my family on some sort of a schedule where we have more time to enjoy our lives! - Meh?  Marginal improvements11. Open a 529 and a savings account for Haddie - Nope.

Ok, geez Louise, WOOF!  I absolutely did not do well on those goals especially considering I had 2 months to complete them.  I do have somewhat of an explanation for why they didn't get done (I did lots of other productive things, Haddie was sick, work got crazy), but excuses are like assholes, am I right?  

So, April goals:

1. Read 4 more books.  I'm loving reading again and it would be fun to read a book a week. 
2. Work out 5x. That's all, just once a week! 
2a. - specifically, go to at least one yoga class
3. Make our dang honeymoon photobook. I feel like this is never going to get done if I don't just sit down and DO it! 
4. Continue organizing the house.  Main goals: master bedroom, den, rec/storage room
5. Deep clean the house - specifically, steam clean the carpets and deep SCRUB all parts of the kitchen and bathrooms 
6. Pay all outstanding bills (doctor's bills, parking tickets, etc)
7. Make bath bombs
8. Use up ALL produce and other perishables that I buy from the grocery store (I posted an IGTV showing this week's grocery haul. So far so good with using things!)
9. Lower our energy bill.  It has been insane. We've been trying some tips to save energy and I'm interested to see if they are working.
10. Work on getting Haddie sleeping in her crib
11. Mail things in a timely fashion - candles I sell, birthday presents, cards, etc.
12. File our taxes this week (do NOT wait until the last minute like we normally do)
13. Figure out our travel plans for the summer
14. Research, not necessarily open, college saving accounts for Haddie
15. Blog 3x a week.  I know, I know.  I always say this and you wouldn't think it would be so hard to just sit down and write.  It shouldn't be, but it is. 
16. Figure out what I'm doing for my parents upcoming 60th birthdays 
17. Proactively put together a cute Easter basket for Haddie. Don't stress, don't spend stupid amounts of money on things she won't even like/use, etc.  
18. Complete the Feeding Littles toddler course
19. Take pictures with cherry blossoms
20. Go to the aquarium (need to get my money's worth out of my year membership!)

Ok, 20 goals is enough!!!!  That's practically a goal a day. I would absolutely love to write a post the first week of May where I can cross off all of these!  What a great feeling that would be!

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