Jun 25, 2019

Life lately

You know what would be cool?  If I actually blogged more than one a millennium.

Time seems to be flying by. I don't even know what month it is anymore, let alone what day.  Oy.

The saying that the years are short but the days are long sure is true, eh? 

I am here without a whole lot to say other than I miss writing a real blog where I write about actual things and actual topics and tell you about my life.

We have done quite a bit of traveling lately. In May, Haddie & I went to Ohio for my Mom's 60th birthday!  We threw her a family bash and I put together a video of all her friends and family wishing her a happy birthday.  I think she loved it! 

Later that month, all 3 of us drove to Cleveland for my cousin Grayson's high school graduation.  It was great to catch up with my extended family.  I'm just so proud of Grayson too.  A little brag about her - she's an amazing artist and true fashionista.  She'll be majoring in fashion design and I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish!

A couple of weeks ago (last week? Who knows really?), we went to NYC for 2 days and stayed with my brother-in-law.  We smashed a lot into those 2 days including a day in Central Park (my first time ever, finally!).  Hopefully will recap the trip in a later post.  The next day, we drove to Rhode Island for my cousin Sofie's high school graduation party!  She is also a bright young lady and will be majoring in forensic science -- what a smarty pants! It's hard to believe my 2 baby girl cousins are now adults off to college!  It was a whirlwind trip to RI and almost feels like we didn't even really go there!  My friend Tara came up from Connecticut and spent most of the day there.  She finally met Haddie for the first time and it was a blast to catch up with her.

We are tired of traveling.  I would say that I hope not to go anywhere for a long time, but we already have some trips in the books including a trip for our anniversary!  10 years dating!  3 married.  We are thinking a cruise in Jan or Feb even though our anniversary is in September.  We just want some more time to get ready for it.

Anyways, what else is going on? We finally found a babysitter.  He comes a couple of days a week and plays with Haddie for a couple of hours while I get some work done. So far I've been doing actual work, but I would love to also take advantage of the time he's here to get some housework done.  He's sadly only with us for a couple more weeks before he heads off to his first year of college.  I am on the hunt for another sitter or a coworking/daycare space.

A lot of my time these days is spending trying to get work done while taking care of a toddler.  It's just not going well.  When I'm not working, I'm trying to get housework or cooking done while taking care of a toddler.  I end up feeling bad that I'm not giving her my full attention and so I do, and then the housework falls to the wayside.  The struggle is real, man! My work project ends in a couple of months but I'm hoping that something new will come alone so that I can keep working from home part time. Even though it's hard, the additional income is really nice to have.  It allows us to feel like we can breathe more easily and gives us a bit of discretionary spending.

I've had a few close encounters of the 8 legged kind lately and I am NOT into it.  There are dozens/hundreds/thousands of spiders in our yard, of a variety of species.  It's disgusting.  They will crawl onto anything we leave in the yard in a matter of an hour.  There were ten on Haddie's toy car so we can't leave toys out there anymore.  One dropped from nowhere into my bowl of salad a few weeks ago.  A spider crawled across my ipad while I was laying IN BED the other day and now I'm on the hunt for a pest control place to come treat our house.  The one in bed really pushed me over the edge and messed with my psyche.  I really don't like bugs, especially spiders, and it's making me want to move back to the city!  It's making me hate the suburbs, seriously.  I hope we are able to get some help with them because spiders and I are never going to learn to coexist.  I tried. 

Oh and in addition to spiders, we have something called tarantula hawk wasps.  They are nasty nasty creatures and I wouldn't believe we had them if I hadn't seen one with my own eyes, pulling away a huge wolf spider.  Google them.  Or don't, maybe.  They are gross.

Of course I don't really hate our town!  I'm actually loving it extra lately -- we have a parent listserv and I posted on it that I was looking to buy a cozy coupe (toy ride-on car for toddlers) and a toddler bike that the parent can push and I was given both of these things for free by my neighbors! I just washed them up really well and they are basically good as new!  We also went to the farmer's market for the first time on Saturday and bought some vegan cookies from a friend who now has a booth.  They were delicious. It's so nice to find dairy-free treats for us.  Even though I miss the city, I love that popping into the city really isn't difficult at all.  This past weekend, we went to Navy Yard for lunch and to let Haddie play in the splash park and pool.  I need to take her more often during the week because she seriously had a ball.

Now that I'm all itchy and creepy and crawly remembering our arachnid problem, I think I'll end this post here.  I could update you on a million things even though nothing exciting is happening.  I promise to at least try to show up here more often.


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