Easter 2020

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We had a great Easter this year!  It was a little over a month ago, but better late than never, eh? We had been hoping to celebrate in Ohio or New York, but other than that, it wasn't that much different for us than normal. It was the first Easter that Haddie really "got it," so it was really fun to experience it with her.

April 1 2020

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Well, today marks 21 days that we've been practicing quarantine.  So much has changed. Many states, including ours, are on lockdown/stay-at-home orders. Virginia's is set to go until June 10th. Even though I know it's going to go that long at least, it makes me feel like I can't breathe to think about that.

People that I have ties/connections to are starting to die.  A best friend's third cousin.  A friend of a friend.  Two separate friends former bosses.  A resident of my town. He suffered for 3 weeks in a hospital alone and died without ever getting to see his family again because no one was allowed in. The hospitals are running out of supplies and ventilators.  It's almost too much to bear.

I get so worried about family members who aren't taking this as seriously as they should.  If I hear my parents or grandma or anyone has so much as a sniffle, it sends me into a tailspin.

Day 5

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*I would prefer to be writing this all in a physical journal, but I've got Haddie sleeping next to me and this is just easier to do in the dark. These posts are mainly for me, so they may feel different to readers than other posts.  For the time being, my blog is returning to the style of the olden days and is just basically my online journal.*

Well, we are on Day 5 of our "quarantime," as Bill and I have taken to calling it.  We have decided to go all in with social distancing and to do our part to flatten the curve.  We have been at it for 5 days and only have gone out once, to the liquor store when we ran out of beer.  We really are going to try not to leave our house/neighborhood if at all possible for as long as possible.  The risk is just too high for us.

Things really have taken a wild turn. All day long, there are updates and changes.  It's nearly impossible to keep up with everything.  San Francisco is under a shelter in place lockdown.  NYC has a curfew.

Coronavirus Stream-of-Consciousness, 3/12/2020

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Here are some real-time thoughts from what feels like the end of days.  I'm writing this on the fly as I would in my journal. Welcome to my mind, glad to have ya.  Definitely haven't edited this and don't intend to.  Coronavirus/COVID-19 has come to the US and it's spreading rapidly.

A cute thing Haddie did

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Haddie did something cute the other day and I want to write about it so I never forget it.  Pumpkin knocked a bowl of (dry) Cheerios onto the floor so I was looking everywhere for our broom and dustpan and couldn't find them anywhere.  I was getting pretty aggravated looking everywhere and I heard Haddie talking but kind of ignored it because she's always babbling, but then I realized what she was saying.  She said "MOMMY.  Me help, me help!!" I turned around to look at her and she was holding her little broom and dustpan from her Melissa & Doug cleaning set and my heart just about exploded.  It was so adorable and smart!

And that is the end of this post.  Thank you for your time. 

My "Desert" Island Movies

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I have been listening to the Office Ladies podcast where the actresses who played Angela & Pam rehash each episode and they recently did one of my favorites, The Fire.  In it, the characters play a game where they list which movies they would choose to take with them to a "desert" island, which Angela pointed out should definitely be "deserted," haha.  The actresses listed which movies they would take and it got me thinking which ones I would take.  Basically it's movies you would watch again and again for the rest of forever.  I don't know for sure if there's a limit on the number you can pick but they both went with 5, so that's what I'm limiting mine to. Here they are:

1. Legally Blonde
2. Harry Potter - any of them, #4 if I was given a choice
3. A League of Their Own
4. Christmas Vacation
5. The Parent Trap

Those were hard for me to pick! It would be much easier for me to choose which tv shows I would take which would be The Office, Sex and the City, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Parenthood.

What would you choose?

2020 Resolutions

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Ahhh there's nothing I love more than a fresh start! Not only is this the beginning of the new year, but a new DECADE!  I feel like people aren't being NEARLY as excited about this as they should be.  2020!!!!! I remember thinking about 2020 as a kid and it seemed light years away.

Haddie and I were in Ohio last week to celebrate New Year's Eve with my family at my parents' annual party.  As always, I burnt my resolutions in the fireplace with my sister and Kyle.  This year we declared it "the year of the plate" because I couldn't find a piece of paper anywhere so had to be resourceful LOL.

Without further ado, here are my 2020 resolutions/goals:

A lot of them are sort of intertwined and build off the other, but I don't feel like figuring out how to write this in an organized fashion so this is how they were written on the plate.

$$$$$ - 2020 is the year of money.  I want to make and save as much money as possible.  For purposes of my goals, I'm talking my money and not Bill's money or our shared money.


Improve overall health

Wean Haddie by the end of January (or at least wean her to before bed only)

Keep my house clean and tidy and continue to get it even more organized and homey

Travel LESS - I feel like since Haddie has been born, we have been non-stop traveling.  I want to scale it way back and try to stay put more often.

Rekindle with Bill - this doesn't mean ANYTHING is wrong with our marriage, but we have just not been putting it on the forefront.  Work, Haddie, house stuff, we've been putting everything else on the forefront, but we want to take time this year to "date" each other and find ways to connect at home more often, even if it's as small as putting our phones/ipads away while we eat dinner.

Budget.  Most specifically food budget, but overall as well.  I am going to try the cash envelope method of budgeting in the first part of the year to see how that goes.

Pay off credit cards

Make a significant dent in my undergrad loans

Become successful on Instagram and enter the fashion arena (meaning I want to start sharing some of my outfits and Haddie's!)

The most important one is to have another baby! We would love to get pregnant and welcome our second baby this year, so please send good vibes our way for that. <3

A few things that didn't make it to the plate:

Create a content planner for Instagram/blog and stick to it

Get organized in every facet of life from my time management to our house to being prepared for the next day before I go to sleep. One big part of this is actually taking the time to do this. By the time I think about meal planning or prepping for the week, I'm already in the week.  Even this month! I wanted to create a content calendar for IG but here it is already Jan 6 and I haven't.  So this is a major goal!

Burn through my Bath & Body Works candles. Only buy new ones when they are on super sale and replace my collection with cleaner-burning candles (soy, essential oils).

Focus on creating positive energy around me.  Clean space, positive people, positive thoughts, etc.

Write my thesis

Create a good work space for myself in our house

Wedding-related goals.  These goals are: order our wedding album and prints from our photography, make our honeymoon photobook, and get my dress preserved.

Can I just say I felt personally victimized by this meme?