Day 5

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 10:19 PM
*I would prefer to be writing this all in a physical journal, but I've got Haddie sleeping next to me and this is just easier to do in the dark. These posts are mainly for me, so they may feel different to readers than other posts.  For the time being, my blog is returning to the style of the olden days and is just basically my online journal.*

Well, we are on Day 5 of our "quarantime," as Bill and I have taken to calling it.  We have decided to go all in with social distancing and to do our part to flatten the curve.  We have been at it for 5 days and only have gone out once, to the liquor store when we ran out of beer.  We really are going to try not to leave our house/neighborhood if at all possible for as long as possible.  The risk is just too high for us.

Things really have taken a wild turn. All day long, there are updates and changes.  It's nearly impossible to keep up with everything.  San Francisco is under a shelter in place lockdown.  NYC has a curfew.

Coronavirus Stream-of-Consciousness, 3/12/2020

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 12:08 AM
Here are some real-time thoughts from what feels like the end of days.  I'm writing this on the fly as I would in my journal. Welcome to my mind, glad to have ya.  Definitely haven't edited this and don't intend to.  Coronavirus/COVID-19 has come to the US and it's spreading rapidly.