April 1 2020

by Amanda @ Our Capital Life, 12:18 AM
Well, today marks 21 days that we've been practicing quarantine.  So much has changed. Many states, including ours, are on lockdown/stay-at-home orders. Virginia's is set to go until June 10th. Even though I know it's going to go that long at least, it makes me feel like I can't breathe to think about that.

People that I have ties/connections to are starting to die.  A best friend's third cousin.  A friend of a friend.  Two separate friends former bosses.  A resident of my town. He suffered for 3 weeks in a hospital alone and died without ever getting to see his family again because no one was allowed in. The hospitals are running out of supplies and ventilators.  It's almost too much to bear.

I get so worried about family members who aren't taking this as seriously as they should.  If I hear my parents or grandma or anyone has so much as a sniffle, it sends me into a tailspin.