Apr 2, 2020

April 1 2020

Well, today marks 21 days that we've been practicing quarantine.  So much has changed. Many states, including ours, are on lockdown/stay-at-home orders. Virginia's is set to go until June 10th. Even though I know it's going to go that long at least, it makes me feel like I can't breathe to think about that.

People that I have ties/connections to are starting to die.  A best friend's third cousin.  A friend of a friend.  Two separate friends former bosses.  A resident of my town. He suffered for 3 weeks in a hospital alone and died without ever getting to see his family again because no one was allowed in. The hospitals are running out of supplies and ventilators.  It's almost too much to bear.

I get so worried about family members who aren't taking this as seriously as they should.  If I hear my parents or grandma or anyone has so much as a sniffle, it sends me into a tailspin.

In addition to this being excruciatingly sad, it's also hard. I feel bad about it being hard but it's hard.  Both of us working from home and trying to take care of a  toddler is actually impossible.  As in, it's not possible.  It cannot be done.  We keep trying out different schedules to try and manage everything, but it's just a struggle.  I'm also often losing patience with both Haddie and Bill and try my best to hide it, but it's not natural to be around the same people 24/7, especially when a vast majority of that time is spent in the house. We have been trying to get out and take walks the best we can, but the weather has been fluctuating wildly.

Haddie's started to catch on that things are different.  She misses school. She's had a couple of instances where she started crying saying that she missed her friends or her belongings that are still at school.  I have no idea how to explain it to a 2 year old, so I've just been talking to her and then changing the subject.  We've been trying to do as many activities as we can and I've ordered some more fun things to entertain her, but it's just so hard.  She still has a very short attention span. We are trying our best.

We have been staying to ourselves, but we've had some human interaction and I want to do better.  I went to the grocery (wore gloves and a scarf around my face), Bill went to the liquor store, and our HVAC broke when the power surged, so an electrician came in our house and then the HVAC guy was in our house 3x. I "bought" a balance bike from a neighbor and we accidentally got a little close to each other when I picked it up.  We are going to be better from now on.  No more stores, but only delivery.

I actually don't have much to update, but I want to try and keep writing so that I have a record of this time and also to help with my anxiety over everything.

Like I did last time, I'm going to end this with 5 things that I'm grateful for:

1. Facetime! I've been talking to Kyle every single night while I make dinner, my mom has started using her Portal so we can see each other, and I've had a few happy hours with friends and family.
2. The me of 4 weeks ago for stocking up on food
3. Cooking skills I've developed over the years -- I've been making some excellent meals and it's been pretty easy for me which is a true blessing
4. Amazon. It's nice to get things I want within 2 days time since I can't go to the store
5. A neighborhood friend who spilled the beans on where to find morel mushrooms in my town! We went out twice this weekend and found 15.


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  1. Hang in there, friend. I know that my friends with littles are feeling this a lot more than others are. I think you're doing a great job managing everything. I'd love to hear more about what you're making. Everything on instagram looks incredible!


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