Aug 16, 2020

Recent Amazon Faves

I've been sharing some products on Instagram and with my friends that I've been loving lately and thought it might be easier to compile them here! 


 Currently can save 10% with a coupon! My keyboard was embarrassingly dusty and dirty and this worked a MIRACLE on it!! It's also fun to use.


 I've been eyeing all of the cute "mama" beaded bracelets, but didn't want to pay $20 for something I knew I could make myself, so I got this cute kit and they are awesome. So far I've only made a rainbow "H" bracelet for Haddie, but she loves it. It comes with everything you need.

 Currently 35% off! I had been wanting one of these forever, and when I got it it was 50% off, which it's not anymore, but 35% off is still a great deal. I haven't set it up yet, but I heard from many parents that this is one of their kids' favorite summer toys.


 Currently 5% off. We have been having some moisture issues in our house with all of the recent rainfall and I got this to see if our dehumidifiers are actually working. It's been really helpful to see how efficient our AC is too by reading the temp in each room.


 5% off. Our freezer doesn't have an ice maker and for the longest time, I just went without ice. I don't like traditional ice cube trays because I feel like they pick up the smell of the fridge and they are so hard to get out, but these are awesome. They all come with lids so no worries about them absorbing any smells, and the bottom is silicone so they just pop right out.


 I mentioned our moisture issue, and these bags are life-savers! You just hang them in the closet in any room that feels damp and they absorb excess moisture. I prefer the unscented option, but looks like they are sold out.


 Save $0.65. This mitt is a hand-saver! I love my St. Tropez sunless tanner, but my hands would always be horrific. Finally caved and got a mitt and it's so worth it. Not only does it save your palms, but it helps the product go on so much better.


 This is the tannner I use!


If you're pregnant, these maternity shorts are amazing. They truly feel like butter, they are cute and trendy AND they have a pocket!


Haddie is recently obsessed with frozen and we got these people for her half birthday. They fit into her Fisher Price Princess Castle perfectly and she's had a blast with them.


This is the aforementioned castle.


 This fish oil TRULY 100% honestly doesn't taste like fish at all. It tastes like a creamy dessert! I had my doubts when I ordered it, but I've been needing a fish oil for the omega-3s and this is really good. Pro tip: it needs to be refrigerated, a mistake that I made when I initially ordered it.


 10% off currently. Since getting pregnant, I've had to take a lot more medicine than usual and since I prefer gummy vitamins, I needed a huge pill organizer to help me keep track of everything. This fit the bill!

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