Jul 21, 2021

End of Summer Bucket List

I was minding my own business the other day, scrolling through Instagram stories, and this woman I follow was saying how after the 4th of July, she pulls down her summer d├ęcor and starts putting up fall and Halloween. Normally, I am all for summer ending and fall beginning.  Like give me cooler temps, falling leaves, and everything pumpkin spice, but for some reason, seeing fall stuff made me feel panicked!  I feel like summer just started (it kinda technically did) and we haven't really done any traditional summer things yet!  I mostly hate summer, but for some reason the idea of being cooped up again in our house while it's cold and gray outside is just too much for me.  I'm not ready yet! Also, I feel like we've deprived Haddie of a childhood summer by staying in the AC all the time!  So it inspired me to get us together and come up with a bucket list for things to do the rest of the summer.  We've already crossed one item off the list! 

Here is the Hager Family 2021 End-of-Summer Bucket List:

  • Set up our "backyard waterpark"
    • Pool
    • Giant unicorn sprinkler
    • Splash pad

  • Go berry/pea picking

  • Watch the Olympics

  • Sunflower patch

  • Take Hank's 6 month milk bath photos

  • Go to a splash pad/park

  • Get ice cream ✅ 

    • Done! I took Haddie to Jeni's in Navy Yard and it was her first ever ice cream cone! I am so grateful for non-dairy ice cream options <3 

    • I want to also take her to get vegan soft serv and froyo

  • Farmer's market

  • Go flower picking

  • Use our new Solo stove for a fire

  • Water balloons

  • Buy/rent a power washer and do our drive and sidewalk

  • Go to the beach

  • Go on a picnic

  • Eat more summery foods

  • ...including blue crabs!

  • Carousel (only if I can find one that feels distanced/safe).  This was not on my bucket list until Haddie saw one on our walk yesterday and lost her mind.  She was like "that looks fun!!!" but of course it happened to be one that was closed

  • And Haddie's #1 item, row a boat 

I'm looking forward to using the rest of our summer to complete this list!! What's on your bucket list for the rest of the summer? Are you ready for fall this year?


  1. I can't believe summer is almost over. It's crazy. I'm glad I prioritized taking a break this year after the last 15 months (plus since 2016 letsbereal), but I really can't believe it's basically over. (My staff comes back on August 2.)

    I hope I can sneak in a spa day before the end of summer! I love how many outdoor things are on your list and I love that H wants to row a boat!

  2. This looks like such a fun list of things to do! I hope you find the time for it all :)

    Hope you are having a good week. First week of spring here in Brisbane :)

    Away From The Blue


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