Hi, I'm Amanda!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog.  I've been writing to document my life since 2008.

I was born and raised in small town Ohio and currently live in a Maryland suburb of DC with my husband Bill, baby daughter Haddie, and our grumpy old cat Pumpkin.

I live for the good ol' days of blogging, where people just wrote about their life. That is what I strive for here. You won't find a lot of perfectly edited photos here and I can't promise consistency, but I can promise authenticity.  I don't have perfect grammar, rarely edit my posts, use an excess of exclamation points, and write about things that happened 3 months ago because I just can't quite keep up with everything, but I would rather have things posted late than never at all.

Generally, you'll just find recaps of what's happening in my life, but I hope to include some more content in the future like recipes, local guides, baby product reviews, pregnancy/postpartum/baby posts, and more!

Some of my favorite things include fall, glitter, food (oysters, olives, spaghetti are my tops), wine, animals, unicorns, Harry Potter, Real Housewives, history, holidays, winter, reading (sometimes), and much more. 

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